Two Wishes

At the beginning of the Nobull Peace Prize project I was very unsure of the response that this well intended but slightly goofy project might find. When facing the unknown it is pretty normal to make plans that are more hope than substance. Hopes are the medium of wishes.

The value of planning varies in different circumstances. Plans for material creations can be loosely held as visualizations or rigidly held as blueprints. Both of those can be carried out to great degrees of success (success being defined as the result was anticipated). Things are very different when the intent of your action has social and spiritual consequences. You just can’t be sure of the real results. In those cases plans are the preparation that allows you to respond to reality as well as possible. They almost never happen as conceived but something else will. Preparation allows you to see opportunity when it passes by.

This month I had two of my wishes realized. The first was that someone else would begin to help choose the Nobull recipients. That would be easier for me and it would be more fun to see where the NPPs ended up. It was also the first step toward my hope that by the time the first 100 prizes were awarded the project would take on a life of its own simply because people liked it. The first step toward that was realized as Mimi Peleg chose two of this month’s recipients.

Mimi is a friend of a friend. When we first met she embraced the idea of the NPP immediately and suggested that she knew two local women who were unsung angels to kids in need. It took me a week or two to realize that the cosmos had provided an opportunity to which I should respond. Because I accepted her lead I got my second wish, which was to be able to deliver the prize in person. It was wonderful.

Mimi made all the arrangements for our visit. Jackie Russell and Gina Navaroli were waiting to give us a tour of their workplace and were admittedly excited by the whole prospect of winning an award. You know how often reality doesn’t live up to the excitement of our anticipation? I can honestly say that the actual prize lived up to their imagined expectations. It was a wonderful moment. Thanks, Mimi.

On another note Alexis Brooks was kind enough to include a beautiful thank you in her monthly news letter, Higher Journeys News-N-Muse. From that page you can subscribe to the newsletter by clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button in the upper left corner.

On yet another note my new favorite person, Terri St. Cloud just posted a lovely thank you on her blog. I’ve been awarded an honorary pronoun! Yay.

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