Social Creation

In this last week I suddenly realized that the Nobull Peace Prize is a social creation. I knew the project was a creative one but not really much more than that until now.

Creation is a funny process. We aren’t The Creators of but a part of the evolutionary outworking of the Universe; the emergence from formless to form. In that light we’re all co-creators. I like that role. How does it work? Let’s look at this project.

The NPP began with a 10-watt inspiration. It blossomed in my mind during a receptive moment when my internal dialog was quiet and heart open. When you are the recipient of an inspiration the next thing is to look around and see if you have the means to do something about it. Well I definitely have the design skills to see the logo emerge from imagination to reality. It took only a day or so and I knew the design was really good. When we are working in alignment with the Universe practical miracles occur to forward the momentum of our efforts. When they don’t it is time to look inward for there are valuable lessons waiting.

With astounding synchronicity I heard that a friend had left me a gift in his will and so actually creating the cloisonné badges to be a physical prize became real. Research and conferences with a couple of vendors taught me how to modify the logo for production. I went with the vendor who gave me one excellent defining suggestion (to turn the white bull and lettering into polished nickel). A few discussions with the factory to make sure of every color, line and facet preceded production. With that under way I worked on the packaging.

There was a great deal of emotion invested in the logo, cloisonné badges, the packaging and every pixel of this web site design. Everything was crafted by feel with an open-heart on the podium directing the whole task. I feel totally confident in the quality of the material prize but unsure of the distribution plan. The reality of every creation is that we are tested, stressed and must grow during the process. I’m not used to being reliant on other people in my creations. So far that’s still an issue.

To begin distribution I chose a variety of people whose work I had found personally enlightening. That was my sole criterion. In the first two months I simply awarded ten people the Nobull Peace Prize and then tried to deliver. I’m used to making unilateral decisions. It turned out that wasn’t a particularly good strategy. Only seven prizes were mailed out of the ten. Of those only three expressed appreciation for the effort but the responses from those people were so much fun that it was easily worth the effort.

As I pondered on the relative failures in those initial attempts it became obvious that I needed a better strategy. I was too autocratic. Perhaps I should ask if potential recipients were interested in advance and created a web page that answered the two most salient questions I imagined people might have. Who am I? What do I want? This January is the first time I’ve tried the new strategy. The answer to what do I want was; ‘should you accept you will be helping to make the project real’. That was about as straightforward as I knew how to be.

So far I’ve sent six invitations for January. Five didn’t respond but Ida Lawrence did. I was really grateful. She and her family got a kick out of the Nobull Peace Prize. I loved the response. Then it dawned on me. The Nobull Peace Prize can be a social creation to spread delight. I hadn’t realized that. I like the idea. Oh yes, a new distribution model came to me during another pondering session.

Creation is funny stuff. Get a little inspiration. Keep doing what you can to make it real and see where it takes you. You never know…

Heart Welles B Goodrich