Simple Pleasures

I’ve always liked simple actions designed to add a bit of color, delight and whimsy to our world and have been creating projects with that goal in mind for a very long time. To be honest it isn’t very often that there is any feedback to indicate the attempts have been successful (or not). Imagining the possibility of adding a moment of delight into someone’s life has always had to be good enough. After a while you get used to taking it on faith that there is some value to your actions. High hopes and low expectatons are the two fundamental attitudes required in attempting happiness exploits.

When a goal of surprise goodness actually works it approaches wonderful. Responsive feedback is still sufficiently unusual that it is a treasure. I like to share one of the treasures of this project provided by Vicki Howie and Ross Pittman.

CLN Editors & Host Receive ‘Nobull Peace Prize’

Thanks Vicki and Ross. You’ve made my month.

Onward… next month already has a couple of new twists added to the Nobull project. Someone else nominated two of the recipients. Not only that but I’ll be able to deliver those in person with her assistance. Thanks Mimi!

Tune in next month…

Signature Heart Welles B Goodrich