September 2015

My life has been in a bit of an upheaval for the last couple of months. These periods are part and parcel of living a spiritual life as best one can. They herald the emergence of experiences that allow me a deeper relationship with the Universe. For some time now I’ve held the notion (partially validated by experience) that all spirit and mind is transmitted by and through persons. They are much greater beings than human of course. Nevertheless they are each unique personalities. I feel certain that I live in a personal universe from The Creator on down.

Just recently I’ve been beset with the notion that I should learn to consciously recognize the feminine Co-Creator of the local universe in which I find myself. This is an exciting direction for me to expand my horizons. As I pondered this possibility the work of certain members of the Teaching Mission, an extension of the Urantia Revelations, suddenly became the focus of my attention. My current spiritual goal has found support in the works of three individuals to whom I’ve sent Nobull Prizes this month.

Donna D’Ingillo was a member of a Urantia Book study group in 1992 when she had the experience of being contacted by beings who gave to her and through her teachings about the nature of existence and our participation in it. To me they feel similar to the Divine quality of the Urantia papers. Many of her T/R (Transmission/Receiver) sessions have been with Michael, the Creator Son of our Local Universe and his feminine co-creator who is sometimes referred to as Nebadonia.

(Before I go on with this month’s awards I should like to add parenthetically that I’m not advocating a belief system exactly. It is just that this is how I’m learning to interpret the universe in which I live. Whatever works for you…)

With that disclaimer out of the way Donna’s work is best understood within the conceptual framework provided by the Urantia Book. Her work in T/R was a significant addition to the Teaching Mission. Additionally she provides lessons about learning that particular spiritual skill. Her work now is helping to resolve the blocks in both individuals and our world’s emotional patterns that prevent people from accessing their own Divine connections. Doing so allows us to flourish as we begin to explore our nigh infinite creative potentials. I think you can find great assistance in her book, Teach Us To Love.–recordings.html

Here is Donna’s home page. Please rummage around for there is a great deal of wonderful work available to you.

If you are interested in the change of consciousness occurring on this planet I’d suggest reading this…–healing-of-human-consciousness.html

Finally here is an interview Donna did with Alfred Lambremont Webre. I would suggest the whole interview is worth your time to listen but two moments may be of particular interest starting at 11:20 Donna describes her experience of becoming a T/R. Then I was fascinated by her description of the Mother Spirit and her works that begins about 1:09:50.


Byron Belitsos is an author, publisher and poet who has done this world a great service in helping to document and spread the awareness of both the Urantia Revelations and how they have been extended through personal experience via The Teaching Mission and the Correcting time. You can find a good number of interviews with Byron on YouTube for he is one of the best presenters of the UB perspective I’ve encountered.

What makes his interviews and writing so special is that he has an extremely facile and open mind. His ability to embrace truth by heart resonance results in his progressively growing concept of the Universe that he shares freely with anyone. His point of view isn’t limited by dogmatic interpretation of text but embraces experience to integrate concept into reality. If you want a prefect example of that assertion just watch this YouTube discussion with Alfred Lambremont Webre who has one of the most all-encompassing points of view on the nature of our current reality that I’ve ever encountered. (Alfred is so far out sometimes that he leaves me feeling like a rube.)

Byron Belitsos: The end of the Lucifer rebellion and the coming of the Avatar of our Age

For my particular interest at this time I found this on his web site called Evolving Souls.

I Am in the Realm of Pure Spontaneity (Mother Spirit Speaks)

Here is Byron’s publishing page for Origin Press…

Here is an excellent bio…

Finally here is an article that describes the cultural milieu that allowed for the sudden capacity of some people to receive further teaching of the type provided last century by the Urantia folks.

Unfolding the Cultural Matrix of Revelation by Byron Belitsos


Jerry Lane learned about the T/R phenomena in a Urantia study group with Donna D’Ingillo. She provided him with the basic information about how the T/R skill is developed and he took it from there. I was attracted to his work because his second book is entitled The Adventure of Being Human II: Mother Spirit Speaks. It was exactly what I was searching for.

As revealed in The Urantia Book, Mother Spirit is the majestic source of the Holy Spirit and of life itself, and she is the creator of the vast angelic host who minister to us every day of our lives. Jerry’s book provides a selection of her teachings from many years of Mother’s “live” transmission sessions in a humble living room in Mill Valley, California, along with rich supporting materials. These unprecedented instructions on the art of soulful living render the spiritual import of the The Urantia Book more accessible than ever before.

I can’t really tell you how important this work has been to me. It is the current rung of the ladder of my own personal spiritual ladder. Let me provide a couple of excerpts that I found particularly valuable.

“My adjutant mind-spirits combine with what you know of as the mind functions of your physical brain; they assist you with your personality-to-body connection. At this stage of your existence you are dependent upon your physical brain functions for basic consciousness. Then, whenever you are conscious, I myself— and the Infinite Spirit through me— we are an integral part of all your mental processes, right from the most fundamental of brain functioning.

The primary function of all mind, even from the lowest animals on up, is one of quick association, tying together all the separate elements of your physical being and sensory perceptions into a single perceived reality.”

You see I’ve held the idea for years that mind itself a process of the physical existence being a receiver of spiritual components so that quote reinforced my particular viewpoint with the Universe. Our viewpoints are the conceptual foundations from which our actions are built.

“And so, my children, we can say that your soul is the fullness within the outlines of your memories.”

Wow. Is that evocative!

“We hope feelings of deep humility may give pause to any judgmental feelings you may have for one another, clear across this world of yours. You have that wonderful saying: “Walk a mile in your brother’s shoes before you begin to judge him.” But the more profound humility I am speaking of points up the impossibility of doing even that. This is what we mean when we say you are small walking infinities to each other. The unique personalities you have are creations of God, and this very uniqueness— plus the diverse ways your life conditions affect each of you in this uniqueness— makes you somewhat impenetrable and incomprehensible to each other.”

OK enough already. If those strike a resonant chord within you go here…

Perhaps watch the beautiful promo video here…

If you have further interest my favorite interview with Jerry is found in this YouTube discussion: Mother Spirit Speaks – Jerry Lane (The justBernard Show)

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