Sandra Barnard Replies

Hello over there Welles!

We just had the most wonderful surprise delivered today while we were out.  Imagine coming home to find such a precious and amusing gift for each of us.  Thank you! Thank you many times over.   I don’t know what is going on this week but I feel so inspired… well, inspired as if we (humankind) can do anything, pull it all together and make this world right.  I hope it lasts through the upcoming elections and beyond. ah well… (Oh dear… Now I am hearing in my head, Buzz Lightyear from Toy story and his peppy slogan, “To Infinity and Beyond!”)

Your lovely little badges seem to add their own spark to that bit of happiness I am feeling.  George too. For me, every time I look at it it will remind me that anything is possible and encourage me to keep dreaming and believing sharing and loving.  Not bad, eh? 

Thanks again Welles for all the encouragement you give us along the way and for walking “the path” with us for awhile…hopefully a good long while.

Sandy and George too!