Reciprocal Process

Every time you create something original it is a reciprocal process. The creation acts on the creator as well. That occurs by feedback from the environment in which the effort is invested. This project has resulted in some excellent responses that tend to be directing my steps forward as I respond to them.

The NPP started with a laugh as I imagined the logo but I couldn’t imagine what might actually occur. In a way I was putting a shot across the bows of reality and knew it was rather absurd. It was more like one cartoon character in a rowboat with a popgun as the Titanic of the world rumbled by. Pop! Pop-pop! That was maybe fifteen percent of my original package of motivations truly reflected in the Nobull logo. Another thirty percent or so was consciously trying to inject my version of Love into the world. At the time my largest motivator was simply I love creating stuff and hoped it would delight people. Of course most people are used to institutional products and one individual’s efforts are of necessity modest by that scale.

Dylan Charles responded to my initial letter of inquiry with what I thought was a classic reply. He said simply, “Thanks so much for your consideration in this. I’ve always wanted a Nobull Peace Prize. 😉 ” I cracked up. Pop-pop!

Then I had a wonderful experience. Ida Lawrence added her thoughts about the Nobull Peace Prize on her blog.

Momz Goodies – Creating a Circuit

I’m so grateful for her response because that was my second major motivation for doing the NPP. Now that the physical creation is over my motivation has changed again. Creating a circuit of Love has become the primary focus because of Ida’s reinforcement. Pop-pop. Don’t worry I’m still out there in the rowboat.

The spirit of this project was directed once more by John Ptacek. I was given a personal nudge when he wrote…

“Welles, I received your gift yesterday. Please let me restate what an honor it is to receive this award. You impress me as a person driven to find good in the world and reward it. Shouldn’t we all be doing this? I think so.

Haven’t yet found the right spot for the three pieces you sent me, but will get to work on it this weekend.

Keep brightening the world with acts of kindness. It is our highest human capability and you are setting a good example for me and for those who come in contact with you. 

With love,


You know I’ve never thought of myself as a kind person. I try hard to live by the Golden Rule and wasn’t consciously aware that kindness was one of the results. From now on I’ll be acutely aware of the kindness aspect of my actions. Thanks, John for that direction.

When we reinforce the goodness in one another we are changed and that is how the world is changed. It isn’t a big deal, just profound.

Signature Heart Welles B Goodrich