Odds and Ends


As I considered the work of Dane Wigington last month ideas about courage kept popping into my mind. They appeared as little individual elements rather than a connected narrative.

Courage is a quality one exhibits when the motivator of action is the heart.

Courage is drawn from us by circumstance far more often than voluntary choice.

Courage not to do war is far greater than the physical courage exhibited in war for it goes against the indoctrination of thousands of years.

Courage is being the change when the world needs to change.

Courage’s close companion is uncertainty.


I received a lovely bit of feedback from Joe Martino who wrote:

A Big Thanks!

Hey Welles,

I received your package a few days ago and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I just wasn’t expecting such a thing and it was such a kind and loving thing to receive especially during a time where I have been working too hard (my own fault) and was having a tough time appreciating my own work. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do this and for all the previous awards you’ve sent out to other amazing people. It’s very meaningful and inspiring.

I shared the news with some of my friends on social media, here’s my Facebook post about it.:

“The other day I got this in the mail and to be honest it hit me pretty hard. The idea that someone took the time to do this and share what they shared just hit me hard. The care and love involved in just appreciating someone you don’t know was so touching.

Lately things have been really busy in my life and our team has grown so much so fast that trying to keep up with all of it became really tough. I’m supposed to be “the boss” the manager and get my hands dirty in the workand while that was possible with a small team it’s insane with a big team. For me, trying to appreciate my own work has always been tough as I’m naturally very hard on myself but at the same time it has created a block in me being able to consistently appreciate those who get very close to me.. like our team.

This gift literally snuck up on me and basically hit me in the perfect spot during a time when I was working on changing the way I see my own work and express myself to the team. The timing could not have been any more perfect!

Thanks to Welles B. Goodrich for taking the time to put this together and share it with me. It’s greatly appreciated and it’s been a perfect token to further growth in myself which will surely pass onto others as well. You’re changing the world.

It’s an interesting thing to note when some people can be so loving towards others and their efforts while others can be the complete opposite. Why is it that we’ll always have “haters?” That statement simply shouldn’t exist.”


Again thanks soo much! It has probably made an impact that I can’t even convey entirely via this email as it triggered something interesting within myself that I’m sure will expand outwards to others. Anywho, thanks again and I will be hanging this in my office 🙂

I hope you have an awesome day!

Much love

The August Experiment

My favorite Earthly task is creating beauty. My preferred medium is woodwork. Three months ago I was given the key to a wonderful workshop (both metal and wood) and given permission to create whatever I wished. I chose to finish a project that started in 1975. At the time I didn’t have the slightest idea what was to come.

I lived alone in a beautiful location. My nearest neighbor was a few miles away. Horses had run wild since the old couple who had owned them died thirty years before my tenure. It was as close to the old west as I could imagine. My stay included experiences like being snowed in for three weeks and a forest fire stopping within a hundred yards of my cabin. My closest acquaintance was a huge rattlesnake who kept the ground squirrels out of the garden. We would sun ourselves in close proximity together on a regular basis.

Even there my need to create beauty was a driving passion so with just a home-made 18″ clamp, a coping saw, a rasp and some sandpaper I managed to create a 3′ diameter puzzle sun out of redwood and pine. It took months. I sanded my fingers into a bloody mess. When I left there I took that sculpture as my one memento of a grand adventure. In 1979 I had an excellent wood shop of my own in Palo Alto where I place the sun in a sculpted pine cloud to use as a headboard for a bed. There the project languished and I had given up on ever finishing it until the recent gift of a wonderful shop to use.

What, you might wonder, does this have to do with Nobull? Well my focus has been so narrow for the last three months that I almost just let my self-appointed August distribution slide. In late July I was having twinges of guilt but the bed project was all consuming. Then I had a Nobull message from someone whose name will be withheld for the moment. It was simply this:

In Light and Love,

I responded with a thank you for that little email struck a chord in my heart. This resulted in an exchange that led us to trying an experiment. I’ve sent her three Nobull prize packages for August and asked her to choose recipients and tell us their stories.
She will receive them in a day or so. Let’s see what happens!

Oh the bed? Here is a picture when it was first assembled although there were a couple of tine details still to finish.

The Launch Pad ~ ‘A Bed to Die For’

Unknown Welles