November 2015

I took a break from the Nobull Peace Prize during November and December of 2015. Through the first year of the project I have given or tried to give away 37 of the 100 cloisonné awards that I had made. I suspect the results were probably very good considering I had no idea what I was doing at the start. Eighteen of those first recipients replied with expressions of thanks to let me know they enjoyed the awards, sometimes extremely so. That made it worthwhile to continue.

For some a little package arrived out of the blue at exactly the right moment to help cheer their lives with the simple acknowledgement that someone appreciated their efforts. Some appreciated the silliness. All in all it was a very successful first year and yet…

The NPP project is just one of a series of digital projects. For the last eighteen years I’ve been immersed in the digital world and loved it, particularly the graphics aspect. I’ve designed every word and pixel of the Chutzaph Galleries and various Theoretics Institute sites. However I can feel that digital interest is coming to an end. Although virtual reality can and does affect actual reality my fascination with it is diminishing. In the next year I’ll be working to create Theoretics Institute in actual Reality. The Fantasy stage is nearly complete.

This means the Nobull awards will change a bit. The timing may become a bit less regular for a while as I spend less time on the computer. Then too, I wish to have a much higher ‘hit to miss’ ratio. That requires refining my selection process. Love, expressions from the heart, will be the sole criterion. Let’s see how it goes.

Heart Welles