Love’s Landscape

I often use the phrase ‘building a world of Love.’ It has a very specific meaning to me that includes all the unique possibilities that every person might manifest. Love is quite simply the fundamental undifferentiated energy of the Creator. When we access it through our hearts and it becomes the basis of our actions we become co-creators in our little corners of the Universe. When we allow Love to flow through us our ideas are enlightened, our material creations become elevated to arts and our human interactions generate goodness.

The primary qualities of endeavors nourished by that cosmic creative force are goodness, truth, and beauty. I happen to be fond of the humor, as well, a derivative of those three fundamentals. We are transformed by actions whose intent is an embrace of Love. They are a gift to those around us as well. That is the practical key to spiritual growth.

As I look over our world, so frightfully in need change, I see millions of people participating in creating with Love already. The constant small goodnesses we perform for one another build the ground of an emerging new world. Ultimately it is person to person, heart to heart that creates the circuit to enable the transformation needed.

The manifestation of each person is different. Some work to shed the light of truth. It helps to dissolve the bondage of the old system’s control through fear. That is an ungodly mess that can’t be fixed. As I see it there is also an implied obligation that those truth warriors will be the creators of the new institutions that will help to set us free.

Some are working to uncover and resolve the patterns of fears that reside in our common psyches. The wisdom and understanding gained through their struggles will make the transition easier for each succeeding generation. Some are initiating new courses of action with their intent consciously held in the heart. They are the pioneers who are proving the reality that spiritual development becomes dynamic when we become creators. From them we will learn to initiate from the heart and be responsible for our actions.

I see a new landscape emerging; a new world. The soil that nurtures it is Love. The structures aren’t metal and stone but rather organic. They are grown among people through the voluntary participation of each individual. It isn’t easy. It’s necessary.

Heart Welles B Goodrich