June 2015

JP Novic loves animals. That isn’t quite expressive enough. JP Loves animals. That’s better. Every rural home in which she has lived has become a sanctuary for all sorts of creatures. Many are just stopping briefly before finding new homes. Some are hurt, some abandoned, some are old but all of them need the Love and support she offers.

Her commitment found a larger opportunity for expression in 1992 when a group of people very involved in animal protection and animal rights created CAPE.  JP told me, “We decided to build an organization that would include rescue, advocacy, and sanctuary for animals of all species.  All of the people who founded the organization remain on our board of directors and are very involved in the organization in a variety of ways.”

As the Executive Director, one of JP’s primary task is to run the CAPE Sanctuary located in Grass Valley, CA (with lots of volunteer help of course). Recently their support has been extended to burros. “CAPE’s first burro rescue was Jackson who arrived at the sanctuary in May of 2013. Jackson was found trying to join a herd of horses cared for by an elderly woman.  The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) and the Platero Project helped to rescue Jackson and worked closely with CAPE in providing him a forever home.  Watch the video below to see Jackson being welcomed to the CAPE Animal Sanctuary.” The two stars of this video are JP and Jackson.


Here is a video about CAPE’s history narrated by JP.


Kimberly Carter Gamble and Foster Gamble are the creators of the movie Thrive and The Thrive Movement. Their work originates in Foster’s life-long quest to discover what it will take for human beings to thrive on planet earth. His point of view is simply that a thriving world is based on integrity, individual freedom and voluntary cooperation. Those are Fosters words lifted from his introductory video found on The Thrive Movement web site.

His studies range from the material world through the intellectual to the spiritual. They aren’t intellectual abstractions for he has discovered convincing evidence through experience to give substance to his viewpoints. Some of them may cause us discomfort because they demand we stretch the limits of our horizons to accept their possibilities.

Any avenue for real change must include both a clear-sighted view of reality as it is, an analysis of how it came into existence and possible practical directions for change. These perspectives were shared and embellished through the creative drive of Kimberly as she co-wrote and produced the movie Thrive. It stimulated an outpouring of creative energy from inspired viewers that is the foundation of The Thrive Movement as an organization.

Foster and Kimberly are working to build a world of Love. Part of their effort is learning how to share uncomfortable truths with people who prefer the security of familiar illusions. The experience they are gaining about how to organize many different points of view into a cohesive group for action is very important as I look at the skills needed to create change. We are living in a time when massive change is no longer optional. The direction of the change is vital.

To meet with the Gamble’s all you need to do is go to the Thrive Movement web site where you can be introduced via a large number of videos. Each addresses a subject of importance to their world view. In one of my favorite videos they share the knowledge they have gained about presenting points of view concerning uncomfortable aspects of reality while mitigating the emotional impact that might cause automatic rejection by people unfamiliar with the subject matter.

How To Share Difficult Information With Friends Without Losing Friendships


Another interview that I find compelling was one Kimberly did with Ross Pittman of Conscious Life News. It was about the necessity to stop chemtrails. To me the most riveting part of the interview came about 34 minutes in as Kimberly describes what she has learned about organizing many disparate points of view into a cohesive group capable of coordinated action. Her concepts are so simple and realistic they will be embedded in our future social organizations. You can listen to that interview here…


Unknown Welles B Goodrich