July 2015

Courage is a quality of spirit that potentially exists within each of us. It is drawn from us during our lives when circumstance demand we step forward to be counted and we respond. It is a quality of the heart. Dane Wigington is one of those courageous souls who expected to find his happiness as the steward of a beautiful swath of this earth. It was not to be.

Constant aerial spraying by persons unknown of substances unknown began degrading the living environment of his dreams. He responded with painstaking research and has become perhaps the most important voice in the world trying to make people look at an unpalatable truth. Hidden military agendas, secret government and industry programs were effectively at war with the earth. Dominating weather for military purposes was one thrust. There were many layers of motivations by various players but the end result was an insane attempt to dominate the earth. The fact of the matter is geoengineering is killing it.

Dane’s mission is simply to expose the truth of this reality before it is too late. Governmental authorities are no help for they are in denial or collusion with the agenda. An awakened population is the only way change can be demanded. I can imagine no more courageous action than Dane’s. He is working for all our futures.

Please visit Geoengineering.org here…


If this is a new subject to you Dane made an excellent introductory film entitled Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger


Joe Martino’s brief bio says “After leaving college, he changed paths, and focused on learning about what people felt needed to be transformed in our world. Through that, Collective Evolution was born. CE is an organization for people who want to change the world; it’s for people who are looking for something beyond everyday life.”

The Mission Statement of CE has this to say, “We (CE) believe in creating change by thinking outside the box. We aim to challenge the current status quo by shaking up how we currently think about the world. We encourage and inspire each other to take action with the goal of bringing to life a bright future for us all. Positive and heartfelt journalism is a big part of what we do.

Living sustainably, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, creating a relationship with oneself and shaping a better world together are all things we encourage. We value balance in our world, which means examining all aspects of our lives. We report on news, health, science, technology and an accessible, non-new-agey brand of spirituality.

A grassroots organization created in 2009, CE is now one of the world’s most popular alternative media, production, and community outlets that gives readers an opportunity to reshape their everyday way of thinking. CE’s content ranges from full-length articles, to videos, to live events, all of which share one common goal: to raise awareness about how our world functions, and to encourage conscious change that moves beyond it.”

An excellent introduction to the man who is the driving force of Collective Evolution is the video, How To Change Your Life (TEDxTC) – Joe Martino.


One of Joe’s earlier articles stuck in my mind because it is of such practical value in the realm of pragmatic spiritual growth.

Why We Get Mad When Others Challenge What We Believe In — by Joe Martino


Finally have you ever heard of Tapping? I hadn’t. Joe introduced me to it with an insistence that demanded my attention. It is fascinating. Thanks, Joe.

Tapping: The Self-Help Technique That Can Truly Change Your Life (Video) — by Joe Martino


Charles Eisenstein is an author and speaker. He is one of my favorite spiritual thinkers, not in the sense of spiritual practices, but getting though the outer layers of a subject to the heart of the matter. Hmmm his skill is hard to define. Perhaps you should experience it. Here’s a brilliant article that looks at the problems of the world with a different perspective added.

Synchronicity, Myth, and the New World Order


While there is no denying the magnitude of the problems we face when viewed in a certain enlightening spirit we can see that even the most egregious perpetrators are trapped in an inertial field of their own fears and expectations. They are victims of the larger story even as we are participants in that same story.

Another personal fascination of mine is the relationship we all have with money. Charles addresses the subject in his book Sacred Economics. Here’s part of the pitch…

Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Today, these trends have reached their extreme—but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.

This book is about how the money system will have to change—and is already changing—to embody this transition. A broadly integrated synthesis of theory, policy, and practice, Sacred Economics explores avant-garde concepts of the New Economics, including negative-interest currencies, local currencies, resource-based economics, gift economies, and the restoration of the commons.”

We need to create new systems to replace the old. Thoughts from the heart are required to help discover those new arrangements. Charles is a leader in this regard. Please do go and watch the short movie about Sacred Economics here…


I should add that if money really is impossible for you to spare you can still read the book online for free. He has made it available for those of us who are poorer here… (but please buy the book if you can afford it.)


You know I can’t begin to touch on all Charles’ articles I’ve read and movies I’ve watched so let me just provide you with links to two sites that will allow you to access great volume of his work.



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