January 2015

I’d like to start off the new year with an expression of gratitude. Ida Lawrence and Dr. Andreas Toupadakis have allowed me to present them with Nobull Peace Prizes. I’m really grateful because Ida is a marvelous spiritual teacher and Dr. Toupadakis exemplifies the moral courage of choice we each face in creating a world of love.

Ida’s an original. I never fail to read her works even on those occasions when she is writing about subjects considerably outside my experience. It isn’t that she has generated every bit of wisdom anew but she has incorporated many strands of enlightenment into a fresh personal tapestry woven from experience. You won’t necessarily notice the warp of ancient wisdom because it is mostly hidden beneath the woof of individual observations from life. She wears the garment of a teacher beautifully by presenting her unique point of view with a clarity that invites illumination within the reader.

Every one of us who walks a spiritual path develops a unique perspective. Sometimes those points of view become more universally valuable because they address the needs felt by many others. That’s Ida’s forte.

I would like to offer one of my favorites from among her essays. Actually that statement is a bit fatuous as I find that about every other one suddenly becomes ‘my favorite’. I can’t find this particular essay on her web site so I’ll link the page on the Waking Times web site where I was originally introduced to her work.

Starting With Love

Please go to her site and be prepared for a uplifting visit. Don’t forget to look at her three volumes of collected essays, Talk2Momz: Best Blogs Collection, Food for the Evolving Human and Contemplating Daybreak. I would strongly advise you peek at The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. I think of it as a manual to help you grow out of the old world and into the new. Here’s Ida’s homepage.


When you are working in a highly technical field that has required an investment of much of your life and have personal and familial obligations your options seem limited by practical necessity. The most courageous acts people can perform on this planet today occur when the realization that their actions don’t feel right. Dr. Andreas Toupadakis confronted that realization in America’s nuclear labs.

My first introduction to his story was in the article, “Quitting the Nuclear Labs – a Scientist’s Plea for World Peace”. The personal distress that Dr. Toupadakis had to go through is described in sufficient detail that I was able to appreciate through someone else’s eyes just how extremely difficult making a life choice in response to a prompt from your spirit can be. You have to confront the chimera of giving up material security in exchange for following a feeling of the truth inside you. Every one of us faces that dilemma at some point. I hope your courage may be bolstered by his story.

In addition to that first article I’ve encountered three more of his articles that address the challenges of and necessity for both personal and institutional change in the world. You can find them listed here…

Stopping our participation in the problem is only the first half of the equation of change. Dr. Toupadakis is currently a popular lecturer in the Chemistry Department of the University of California, Davis. He was the winner of the 7th annual ASUCD Excellence in Education Award as the overall educator of the year 2009 at UC Davis. You can discover for yourself the reason why with a visit to his personal web site, The Life Curve, which is devoted to student success during and after college. There you will also find a number of essays to inspire creative goodness. Oh yes, the gardens; do check out the gardens. Dr. Toupadakis’ creative actions are building a world of Love in a number of directions at once.

Unknown Welles B Goodrich