January 2016

As my understanding of Love’s dynamic power increases I’m discovering people who are changing the world by the nature of their own day-to-day activities. Just focusing on Love makes one a conduit for that energy to be more available for others even if they aren’t in our immediate circle because it is adding to a field of energy. That helps us all… as that old rising tide and floating boats cliché suggests.

I have been able to meet several of these Love generators recently and am beginning the New Year by recognizing two people who have a profound effect on their local communities but who don’t seek the spotlight of public acclaim.

Suzanne Morrow is a new acquaintance although we have been rural neighbors for a long time. In our community she is well known and highly regarded everyone whose lives she has touched. From the stories I’ve heard she deserves the encomium of Healer. She helps create relationships by performing marriages. She heals relationships when they are foundering with common sense advice earned from a lifetime of extraordinary experience filtered through a framework of spiritual awareness.

Each month the women in our area are invited to partake of a lightly ceremonial teepee gathering to share a period of spiritual calm during which each can share her joys or be emotionally supported in times of difficulty. Several times a year the gathering includes men. The amount of support Suzanne provides simply by giving her undivided attention to other people is astounding but there’s another facet of her creative life that captivates my attention.

I love creative disciplines that center on the heart. Every morning Suzanne uses meditation to become open to that infinite well of creative potential within. From that heartfelt space of inner quiet a new poem emerges each day to be crafted as a reflection of the moment. That is a wonderful task in my view. You see each and every day Love flows through her creative intent. This is truly “Creating a World With Love. Here is one of her poems for you…

I know that I have no idea of how this life will unfold
Each year presents another story, a tale that can be told
Another spoke upon this wheel that’s rolling me through my time
Another opportunity to capture it all in rhyme
But it’s the empty space within the hub that lets the wheel roll
The place we integrate it all, that place where we become whole
Somehow knowing that I do NOT know is what brings me insight
It leads me to the stillness where I reflect my inner light
It’s that light that travels outward to the road that I then walk
The place we then meet one another, the place we talk our talk
It is in that heart felt greeting that will lead us deeper still
To the heart of all that matters where we each can drink our fill

Poetry that rhymes; what a concept!


Dennis is homeless. Do you really understand how difficult that life is? Most people in those circumstances try and escape the difficulty of existence with various chemical escapes from reality. Honestly that is completely understandable. I don’t blame them. However against that general backdrop Dennis is a rare gem. He tries and generally succeeds at keeping his focus on Love.

Somewhere along his life’s journey he learned how to make flutes by reading a how-to and applying the lessons. I probably first paid attention to him because of the music. Then I was drawn into his world by the stories. They all really focus on the power of love at a true grass-roots level. For example…

One day the County Sheriff (not a deputy but the Sheriff) stopped to listen to Dennis play one of his flutes. He had passed by before without recognition but on this day the music caught his attention. After a while, before moving along, he sort of sighed and said he wished he could pipe that music into the jail. Dennis was gratefully surprised and told him how wonderful it was that someone who had the difficult job of dealing with the worst of humanity still had the heart to wish better for them.

On a number of occasions Dennis has consciously directed his music at people on the street in the midst of disputes or conflicts and been able to change the energy of the scene by his addition. Then too he discovers and shares inspiring stories of regular people’s goodness that would otherwise escape our attention because they would not necessarily be publicized.

One of those stories he recounted was an exchange with a young mother whose daughter had started to climb a tree nearby. Rather than stopping her, the mother encouraged the activity. Dennis had done some rock climbing in is life and chimed in with a few practical tips on the skill of safe climbing. It turned out the family was home schooling and this was just one more serendipitous lesson in a youngster’s life. While the daughter climbed the two adults chatted and provided encouragement. The temporary joyous bond among the three was capped when the mother and daughter returned a little later in the day with the gift of a brand new pair of warm gloves.

Dennis’ stories are wonderful. His spirit is lifted far above his current station in life. If you run into him it will be a blessing. You can discover a little piece of media attention. There is an audio file of his flute music with the story.

Monterey County Now story

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