George Barnard Replies

Dear Welles,
Back in 1996 I beat the many students of my year in psychology, and for my university to see fit to award me a trophy and a big check.  To this day my name is up in gold leaf, and this is how it all happened …
In December of 1987 I was beaten badly at my works.  My neck was broken, my brainstem damaged and not until 1993 did I begin to see clearly who I was and what had happened to me in that mugging.
By 1996, still in a post-traumatic stress disorder, I had gone back to college life to get my brain and mind working again, as it surely had to be my most vital asset.  It was agony, long hours for my damaged grey matter to function again.  Despite the extra exam time allocated just for me, I more than earned my university’s acclaim.
Your Nobull Peace Prize is very much bigger than that.  It is a reward for doing something other than rote learning, and only God will ever know how much of “heart and soul” goes into this each day of our lives.
Thank you, Welles, for appreciating our 11:11 Progress Group efforts.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
George Mathieu Barnard.

Note from Welles: When I received George’s permission to publish his note he added this…

In my mind I share this award with Bill Kelly of Pocatello, Susan Kimsey of San Francisco, Rick Giles of North Idaho, Gerdean O’Dell of Albuquerque, all passed on since we became friends during my 2000 and 2002 trips to the US.
Must not forget Mark Rogers of North Idaho. Mark of course is still alive, still a youngster.