Do It Yourself!

In the Odds and Ends blog post I mentioned The August Experiment. It was simple. I had a brief but lovely exchange with a young (I’m guessing) woman named Debra Anderson. She mentioned looking through this site for a store to purchase Nobull items to give to deserving people. There is none of course but I was struck by a small inspiration. We agreed that she would give away three prizes and write entries for the Award Recipients page to be used both here and on her blog (it is a work in progress). I’m very enthusiastic about this collaboration. In a sense it is experimental, but isn’t life? You will be hearing from Debra shortly. She has been incredibly busy this last month putting all of this together. My attitude is that creative efforts aren’t to be rushed.

Because of Debra I’ve become enamored of the idea of having other people give Nobull Peace Prizes to people of their choice. Those who wish to select recipients would have to get in touch with me to begin the process. There only obligation would be to write a brief piece describing who they chose and why, with perhaps a small story of the process.

I’m enthusiastic about this strategy of distribution (three a month is still the target number) because the liklihood of an extremely positive event increases when there is some personal involvement. So far about 40% of my efforts have been wildly successful, striking just the right chord at the right time in people’s lives. Another !0% were OK and about half recieved no response. Meh. If other people give to NPPs those of their acquaintance the success rate will approach 100%. Success is when action of giving creates a jolt of surprise and pleasure in the hearts of recipients who realize that someone prizes their effort to add Love into the world.

If you would like to participate in this effort by choosing a recipient, delivering the prize through the mail or in person and then writing an account of who and why, please use the thinly disguised email address on the contact page to get in touch with me.

Unknown Welles