December 2014

This month I’d like to thank four people. Dylan Charles is the editor of Eric and Julie Handler have created and operate an uplifting website called Positively Positive. Brandon West’s Project Global Awakening is simply amazing. Here’s why.

In the landscape of human efforts consciously applied to building a new world there is a huge range of possibilities. Each of us creates our unique threads. They are being woven into the ideational, emotional and spiritual foundation of world change. Dylan Charles is a contributing writer and the editor of His efforts have quite literally changed my life rather profoundly in a very short time.

I’ve been introduced to realities and valuable points of view to which I never would have been exposed without his work. He is a staunch observer of the truth. Our world is being dominated by values that are often insane. Coming to grips with reality is an uncomfortable but necessary step so we may grow beyond them. Growing pains are real. He is also an explorer of unique spiritual points of view and presents an egalitarian perspective that will expand your spiritual horizons no matter how much you think you know.

Truth warrior is a term used by many to describe those who are confronting the seriously flawed mind-sets entrenched in the human psyche and being played out on our world through institutional inertia. Dylan Charles fits that description perfectly. You can visit here… (and be sure to sign up for the Daily Email)

You can peruse Dylan’s articles here.

Eric and Julie Handler are a married couple who created and maintain Positively Positive, which provides “GOODNEWS Right To Your Inbox”. Their goal is to present optimism, inspiration and wisdom to their community every day. You will find articles, videos and quotations. All of them are uplifting but I personally experience emotional learning and improvement from their work.

I eagerly look forward to the daily emailed offering from which I read one or more of their stories and always look to see if there is a new quote published that day. On their web site I’ve been introduced to a whole collection of wonderful authors whose work I might never have seen otherwise. The offerings are often close to my heart and even when I don’t learn anything new I’m refreshed and uplifted. I find myself sharing many of the Positively Positive articles with other people. That is my greatest encomium.

There are a number of people who work hard at creating sites of good news. A site that only offers positive perspectives is good news! You can meet Eric and Julie Handler in this interview…

Positively Positive Founders Eric and Julie Handler at 2011 Blogworld

Be sure to visit and sign up for their daily email!

Brandon West is the creator of Project Global Awakening. He is a young man, still under 25 years old I believe. I’m astounded at the level of consciousness in one so young. He is a perfect example of why we old timers should hope for the future. There is a global awakening, a shift in consciousness occurring on this planet. The younger folks who are living through these turbulent times have access to great spiritual resources that are just coming online. Those who are making use of that increased access to greater wisdom are already marvels to me.

I was discussing the Nobull idea with a good friend who had been a high school teacher for many years until his recent retirement. He was emphatic that a good part of my effort be to support the efforts of young people who are making great personal strides toward the spiritual awakening that is so necessary. He made his point by reminding me how much a little encouragement can mean when we are striking out on our own paths. Exactly right. So I’m thanking Brandon to some degree with that advice in mind but also because he gives me reason to hope.

I would suggest that you read his home page…

Another introduction might be to read an essay I particularly like, “Sit Until the World Becomes Still”…

Unknown Welles B Goodrich