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Temporary Hiatus

The Nobull Peace Prize is on a temporary hiatus. For the last year I’ve been working on a new place to live and moving with all the attendant disrupton that entails. There have been a couple of recipients in the last year but they were people in my immediate location who preferred privacy to having their names made public.

On top of that I’ve become enmeshed in actual reality rather than virtual once more. The Launch Pad, The Thayer Little Free Library and now The King of Hearts have or are occupying most of my creative attention. Not to worry, though. Nobull will become active once more… sometime. No bull!

Heart Welles

March 2016

I ‘discovered’ Rev. Bonnie Rose by somehow ending up at her blog, Holy Chit. (Chit is a Sanskrit term for Consciousness). God loves humor. Bonnie Rose does too. She sparkles. It makes spirituality fun rather than the lugubrious weight it is so often presented to be.

Rev. Bonnie Rose is the senior minister of Ventura Center for Spiritual Living provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place. It is a spiritual community that honors all paths to God and can help you experience a personal relationship with God. When God is the focus of our spirituality, then other areas of our lives fall into place, we are happier, we can do more for others, be better stewards of the Earth, and we help bring peace and harmony to the world.

To begin with I was fascinated by the loving heart and humor in her writing. A recent one in particular caught my attention. It was entitled, “Forty Gifts in Forty Days” and began…

Once again, I did not want to follow God’s instructions.

It started a couple of weeks ago. It was time to consider how to create a good, prosperous year for myself and our Center. “Raise your IQ (inspiration quotient),” I said to myself. “Attend lots of seminars with great spiritual teachers. Travel. You need to stay inspired.”

Then God whispered.

“Bonnie – Don’t spend time and money on seminars. Make a radical change. Stay close to home and give something away every day. That will transform you more than any inspirational workshop.”

Please read the rest here…

I thought it would be fun for Bonnie to receive a gift. I sent her a NoBull Peace Prize. She is filling the world with Love.

You can meet Rev. Rose here…

I would suggest you might enjoy listening to her speak. I did. Here is a talk about the efficacy of prayer She is a great speaker and her points are simply and clearly made. The first seven minutes of the video are elements of the church service so if you want to skip ahead right to her talk…


The second person to whom I sent my little gift of a NPP was Frank Huguenard. I’d like to let him introduce himself.

“Hi, my name is Frank.  Like everyone else, I’ve got a story but my story is not so important.  What is important is that however the chapters and verses of my journey have unfolded, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to take some of the lessons I’ve learned in this classroom we call life and disseminate that knowledge and wisdom in documentary films so that everyone can learn from them.

In the classical sense of the word, I’m a scientist. By this I mean to say that I’m someone who’s always had a thirst for knowledge and have questioned everything with a skeptical, but open mind.  The word science is derived from the Latin words scientia, which means ‘knowledge’ and scīre which means ‘to know’. Throughout my life, I’ve experienced first-hand several instances of pre-cognition and telepathy that have proven to me that the worldview that we’ve been taught in our schools about the nature of reality is at best, incomplete, and at worst, completely wrong.  Modern Science has evolved over the past few hundred years to totally deny us our spirituality and as a result, our planet is undergoing catastrophic changes.  As a consequence, we need to take immediate action in the form of a major course correction that alters Modern Science to include consciousness as a fundamental component of our collective reality.

So over the past 20 years or so, I’ve embarked on something that I like to call spiritualology, which is the research, examination, interpretation, distillation and subsequent re-synthesis of science, religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, anthropology into a new model that can use to possibly explain and understand our spiritual existence.  My goal is to be part of the evolution of human consciousness that is happening on the planet right now by helping people to become aware of, nurture and ultimately evolve their own consciousness.

Frank is creating a series of movies that present one of the greatest events of our time, the approaching merge between science and spirituality. His latest release, The Physics of the Soul is a thoughtful and hopeful for those of us who hope those using their minds discover their hearts. It features Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of “The Biology of Belief” (among other works); Dr. Norm Shealy, M.D., author “90 Days to Self-Health”; Dr. Stuart R. Hameroff, M.D., Director of the Center for Consciousness Studies; Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D., President Emeritus Institute of Noetic Sciences; William Tiller, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus Stanford University; Lynne McTaggart, author “The Field”; Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D., author “One Mind” and Gary Zukav, author “The Heart of the Soul” among the interviews.

You can go here to see the trailer and rent to watch or obtain copies of The Physics of the Soul as well as finding out about Frank’s three previous films on consciousness, Beyond Reason, Beyond Belief and Beyond Me

Heart Welles

January 2016

As my understanding of Love’s dynamic power increases I’m discovering people who are changing the world by the nature of their own day-to-day activities. Just focusing on Love makes one a conduit for that energy to be more available for others even if they aren’t in our immediate circle because it is adding to a field of energy. That helps us all… as that old rising tide and floating boats cliché suggests.

I have been able to meet several of these Love generators recently and am beginning the New Year by recognizing two people who have a profound effect on their local communities but who don’t seek the spotlight of public acclaim.

Suzanne Morrow is a new acquaintance although we have been rural neighbors for a long time. In our community she is well known and highly regarded everyone whose lives she has touched. From the stories I’ve heard she deserves the encomium of Healer. She helps create relationships by performing marriages. She heals relationships when they are foundering with common sense advice earned from a lifetime of extraordinary experience filtered through a framework of spiritual awareness.

Each month the women in our area are invited to partake of a lightly ceremonial teepee gathering to share a period of spiritual calm during which each can share her joys or be emotionally supported in times of difficulty. Several times a year the gathering includes men. The amount of support Suzanne provides simply by giving her undivided attention to other people is astounding but there’s another facet of her creative life that captivates my attention.

I love creative disciplines that center on the heart. Every morning Suzanne uses meditation to become open to that infinite well of creative potential within. From that heartfelt space of inner quiet a new poem emerges each day to be crafted as a reflection of the moment. That is a wonderful task in my view. You see each and every day Love flows through her creative intent. This is truly “Creating a World With Love. Here is one of her poems for you…

I know that I have no idea of how this life will unfold
Each year presents another story, a tale that can be told
Another spoke upon this wheel that’s rolling me through my time
Another opportunity to capture it all in rhyme
But it’s the empty space within the hub that lets the wheel roll
The place we integrate it all, that place where we become whole
Somehow knowing that I do NOT know is what brings me insight
It leads me to the stillness where I reflect my inner light
It’s that light that travels outward to the road that I then walk
The place we then meet one another, the place we talk our talk
It is in that heart felt greeting that will lead us deeper still
To the heart of all that matters where we each can drink our fill

Poetry that rhymes; what a concept!


Dennis is homeless. Do you really understand how difficult that life is? Most people in those circumstances try and escape the difficulty of existence with various chemical escapes from reality. Honestly that is completely understandable. I don’t blame them. However against that general backdrop Dennis is a rare gem. He tries and generally succeeds at keeping his focus on Love.

Somewhere along his life’s journey he learned how to make flutes by reading a how-to and applying the lessons. I probably first paid attention to him because of the music. Then I was drawn into his world by the stories. They all really focus on the power of love at a true grass-roots level. For example…

One day the County Sheriff (not a deputy but the Sheriff) stopped to listen to Dennis play one of his flutes. He had passed by before without recognition but on this day the music caught his attention. After a while, before moving along, he sort of sighed and said he wished he could pipe that music into the jail. Dennis was gratefully surprised and told him how wonderful it was that someone who had the difficult job of dealing with the worst of humanity still had the heart to wish better for them.

On a number of occasions Dennis has consciously directed his music at people on the street in the midst of disputes or conflicts and been able to change the energy of the scene by his addition. Then too he discovers and shares inspiring stories of regular people’s goodness that would otherwise escape our attention because they would not necessarily be publicized.

One of those stories he recounted was an exchange with a young mother whose daughter had started to climb a tree nearby. Rather than stopping her, the mother encouraged the activity. Dennis had done some rock climbing in is life and chimed in with a few practical tips on the skill of safe climbing. It turned out the family was home schooling and this was just one more serendipitous lesson in a youngster’s life. While the daughter climbed the two adults chatted and provided encouragement. The temporary joyous bond among the three was capped when the mother and daughter returned a little later in the day with the gift of a brand new pair of warm gloves.

Dennis’ stories are wonderful. His spirit is lifted far above his current station in life. If you run into him it will be a blessing. You can discover a little piece of media attention. There is an audio file of his flute music with the story.

Monterey County Now story

Unknown Welles

November 2015

I took a break from the Nobull Peace Prize during November and December of 2015. Through the first year of the project I have given or tried to give away 37 of the 100 cloisonné awards that I had made. I suspect the results were probably very good considering I had no idea what I was doing at the start. Eighteen of those first recipients replied with expressions of thanks to let me know they enjoyed the awards, sometimes extremely so. That made it worthwhile to continue.

For some a little package arrived out of the blue at exactly the right moment to help cheer their lives with the simple acknowledgement that someone appreciated their efforts. Some appreciated the silliness. All in all it was a very successful first year and yet…

The NPP project is just one of a series of digital projects. For the last eighteen years I’ve been immersed in the digital world and loved it, particularly the graphics aspect. I’ve designed every word and pixel of the Chutzaph Galleries and various Theoretics Institute sites. However I can feel that digital interest is coming to an end. Although virtual reality can and does affect actual reality my fascination with it is diminishing. In the next year I’ll be working to create Theoretics Institute in actual Reality. The Fantasy stage is nearly complete.

This means the Nobull awards will change a bit. The timing may become a bit less regular for a while as I spend less time on the computer. Then too, I wish to have a much higher ‘hit to miss’ ratio. That requires refining my selection process. Love, expressions from the heart, will be the sole criterion. Let’s see how it goes.

Heart Welles

October 2015

Every month is a new adventure of discovery when I send out the Nobull Peace Prizes. This month I’ve chosen three people who are discovering values and principles in their lives and sharing those with the world. I find each of them inspiring.

I first became aware of Ben Hewitt when I ran into his article “We Don’t Need No Education” published in Outside Magazine. I think I stood up and cheered as I continued to read right beneath the title, “At least not of the traditional, compulsory, watch-the-clock-until-the-bell-rings kind. As a growing movement of unschoolers believe, a steady diet of standardized testing and indoor inactivity is choking the creativity right out of our kids. The alternative: set ’em free.”

A bit later in the article he says, “There’s a name for the kind of education Fin and Rye are getting. It’s called unschooling, though Penny and I have never been fond of the term. But ‘self-directed, adult-facilitated life learning in the context of their own unique interests’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, so unschooling it is.”

I’d never heard of the term unschooling before but instantly recognized the reality of the educational model. When we are engaged by our fascination with the earth and culture around us, natural curiosity makes play out of learning. We inhale knowledge because it is drawn to fill the context of the need to be the active creators of our lives. We love doing. I was one of those who rejected ‘mandatory education’ while being indoctrinated that it was freedom. That’s oxymoronic. I had to learn to pursue my own areas of interest generally without parental or social support.

Ben and Penny’s children get to learn with the support system of nature, their parents, friends and neighbors and the Internet when necessary. That brings me to another point. The family unit of self-sustaining humans is the foundation of any healthy civilization. The Hewitt family exemplifies this independence, strength of character and spiritual well-being in their lives. Healthy independence is the ground upon which our greater societal interdependence must be built.

Ben also happens to be a fine writer who shares practical tips and philosophical musings about creating a nourishing homestead for body, mind and spirit. Please visit his web site and buy one of his books, perhaps “The Nourishing Homestead” or “Home Grown” directly from him. Here’s where you go…


Millie Mestril has recently made a huge splash on my spiritual event horizon, so to speak. She creates a blog of essays, poetry and graphic images with brief thoughts that I think of as sight-bytes of wisdom. On the about page of her blog she says, “Friends and family suggested that I start a blog to add my daily inspirations, essays or poetry. With much anxiety at first and a zest to venture out of my comfort zone, I decided to create this blog. I am writing from the mountains of Western North Carolina, 20 miles east of Asheville. My best friend and I bought a small motel in Gerton, NC in hopes to turn it into a retreat center for all who wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of their lives. Our place is called Peaceful Quest Retreats.

I first discovered Millie’s writing last spring when I read “Finding Faith”. My internal lyricist was captivated by these opening lines.

“Lately I’ve been feeling like I am on the Bipolar Expressway and most of the exits loop around Crazy Town. So I mindfully begin my mornings with an hour of prayer and/or meditation. I cannot miss a day or I begin to feel ungrounded.”

She segued from that evocative introduction to a spiritual perspective that rang with the clarion call of Truth earned through experience. I was entranced and began to read everything she offered on her site, “Moments With Millie”. There you can discover a whole series of essays rooted in personal experience that led to profound realizations. In sharing these Millie is casting a light on those aspects our mutual spiritual paths that deserve regular bursts of illumination.

To appreciate some of Millie’s other artistry you really need to take fifteen seconds to read this exquisite gem of poem, “Humanness”. Then look at this sight-byte, Purpose of Your Life. If you find yourself as entranced as I you can purchase a collection of her blog posts entitled, “A Soul’s Peaceful Quest: Lessons from the Path”.

Once again please visit Millie’s blog, Moments With Millie, here…


Q. When is a writer about values and truth not a spiritual teacher?
A. When his teaching is unselfconsciously practical and his name is David Cain.

I’ve linked many of David’s essays in my Theoretics Forum. Some of them admittedly may initially seem like preaching to the choir when my glance is superficial. Every time I ponder his point of view I discover it is original and fascinating. Take, for example, the essay entitled, “All You Need Is Love, Seriously” You might jump to a clichéd assumption and you’d be wrong. Here’s a one paragraph tease. After proclaiming some embarrassment over the aged truism coined by John Lennon, David suggests.

“Love is all about creating more well-being with your actions. I gave one example of this in “How to Be a Good Stranger“. It’s a nearly-perfect technique for handling grating encounters with strangers, such as when you’re trapped behind a slowly-moving person on a sidewalk. The moment you notice you’re feeling ill will towards a stranger, decide that you will help this person if they need it. Whatever annoyance they’re creating for you, decide that if this person trips and falls, you’ll help them up. If they look lost, you’ll offer directions. If someone harasses them, you’ll step in.”

See what I mean? David’s take on reality is always different enough to keep me open for something new. Often I learn and adopt his point of view for my own. I never thought like that before and suddenly I have a whole new practical strategy for living. In fact that echoes David’s description of his work. The tag line of his blog is “Getting Better at Being Human”. His description of the work is “Raptitude is a street-level look at the human experience. I write about what school never taught us: how to improve your quality of life in real-time.”

Let me give you one more example of my enthusiasm for his work. I learned an entirely new skill from his essay “A Brief Guide to Recreational Time Travel”. No matter what you might imagine just from that title, the chance that you could begin to guess the profound concept buried within its paragraphs is vanishingly small. I’m not even going to try and tell you what I learned. Just go read it. Yep the title just above is a link.

Droning on and on about various essays such as “Your Life is Always Just Beginning” or “What inner peace actually is” might turn some off and inadvertently be a disservice to a marvelously original thinker and writer. So please go to Raptitude and see if you aren’t as keen as I about David’s work. Then subscribe to his email list so you don’t miss out.

Unknown Welles

September 2015

My life has been in a bit of an upheaval for the last couple of months. These periods are part and parcel of living a spiritual life as best one can. They herald the emergence of experiences that allow me a deeper relationship with the Universe. For some time now I’ve held the notion (partially validated by experience) that all spirit and mind is transmitted by and through persons. They are much greater beings than human of course. Nevertheless they are each unique personalities. I feel certain that I live in a personal universe from The Creator on down.

Just recently I’ve been beset with the notion that I should learn to consciously recognize the feminine Co-Creator of the local universe in which I find myself. This is an exciting direction for me to expand my horizons. As I pondered this possibility the work of certain members of the Teaching Mission, an extension of the Urantia Revelations, suddenly became the focus of my attention. My current spiritual goal has found support in the works of three individuals to whom I’ve sent Nobull Prizes this month.

Donna D’Ingillo was a member of a Urantia Book study group in 1992 when she had the experience of being contacted by beings who gave to her and through her teachings about the nature of existence and our participation in it. To me they feel similar to the Divine quality of the Urantia papers. Many of her T/R (Transmission/Receiver) sessions have been with Michael, the Creator Son of our Local Universe and his feminine co-creator who is sometimes referred to as Nebadonia.

(Before I go on with this month’s awards I should like to add parenthetically that I’m not advocating a belief system exactly. It is just that this is how I’m learning to interpret the universe in which I live. Whatever works for you…)

With that disclaimer out of the way Donna’s work is best understood within the conceptual framework provided by the Urantia Book. Her work in T/R was a significant addition to the Teaching Mission. Additionally she provides lessons about learning that particular spiritual skill. Her work now is helping to resolve the blocks in both individuals and our world’s emotional patterns that prevent people from accessing their own Divine connections. Doing so allows us to flourish as we begin to explore our nigh infinite creative potentials. I think you can find great assistance in her book, Teach Us To Love.–recordings.html

Here is Donna’s home page. Please rummage around for there is a great deal of wonderful work available to you.

If you are interested in the change of consciousness occurring on this planet I’d suggest reading this…–healing-of-human-consciousness.html

Finally here is an interview Donna did with Alfred Lambremont Webre. I would suggest the whole interview is worth your time to listen but two moments may be of particular interest starting at 11:20 Donna describes her experience of becoming a T/R. Then I was fascinated by her description of the Mother Spirit and her works that begins about 1:09:50.


Byron Belitsos is an author, publisher and poet who has done this world a great service in helping to document and spread the awareness of both the Urantia Revelations and how they have been extended through personal experience via The Teaching Mission and the Correcting time. You can find a good number of interviews with Byron on YouTube for he is one of the best presenters of the UB perspective I’ve encountered.

What makes his interviews and writing so special is that he has an extremely facile and open mind. His ability to embrace truth by heart resonance results in his progressively growing concept of the Universe that he shares freely with anyone. His point of view isn’t limited by dogmatic interpretation of text but embraces experience to integrate concept into reality. If you want a prefect example of that assertion just watch this YouTube discussion with Alfred Lambremont Webre who has one of the most all-encompassing points of view on the nature of our current reality that I’ve ever encountered. (Alfred is so far out sometimes that he leaves me feeling like a rube.)

Byron Belitsos: The end of the Lucifer rebellion and the coming of the Avatar of our Age

For my particular interest at this time I found this on his web site called Evolving Souls.

I Am in the Realm of Pure Spontaneity (Mother Spirit Speaks)

Here is Byron’s publishing page for Origin Press…

Here is an excellent bio…

Finally here is an article that describes the cultural milieu that allowed for the sudden capacity of some people to receive further teaching of the type provided last century by the Urantia folks.

Unfolding the Cultural Matrix of Revelation by Byron Belitsos


Jerry Lane learned about the T/R phenomena in a Urantia study group with Donna D’Ingillo. She provided him with the basic information about how the T/R skill is developed and he took it from there. I was attracted to his work because his second book is entitled The Adventure of Being Human II: Mother Spirit Speaks. It was exactly what I was searching for.

As revealed in The Urantia Book, Mother Spirit is the majestic source of the Holy Spirit and of life itself, and she is the creator of the vast angelic host who minister to us every day of our lives. Jerry’s book provides a selection of her teachings from many years of Mother’s “live” transmission sessions in a humble living room in Mill Valley, California, along with rich supporting materials. These unprecedented instructions on the art of soulful living render the spiritual import of the The Urantia Book more accessible than ever before.

I can’t really tell you how important this work has been to me. It is the current rung of the ladder of my own personal spiritual ladder. Let me provide a couple of excerpts that I found particularly valuable.

“My adjutant mind-spirits combine with what you know of as the mind functions of your physical brain; they assist you with your personality-to-body connection. At this stage of your existence you are dependent upon your physical brain functions for basic consciousness. Then, whenever you are conscious, I myself— and the Infinite Spirit through me— we are an integral part of all your mental processes, right from the most fundamental of brain functioning.

The primary function of all mind, even from the lowest animals on up, is one of quick association, tying together all the separate elements of your physical being and sensory perceptions into a single perceived reality.”

You see I’ve held the idea for years that mind itself a process of the physical existence being a receiver of spiritual components so that quote reinforced my particular viewpoint with the Universe. Our viewpoints are the conceptual foundations from which our actions are built.

“And so, my children, we can say that your soul is the fullness within the outlines of your memories.”

Wow. Is that evocative!

“We hope feelings of deep humility may give pause to any judgmental feelings you may have for one another, clear across this world of yours. You have that wonderful saying: “Walk a mile in your brother’s shoes before you begin to judge him.” But the more profound humility I am speaking of points up the impossibility of doing even that. This is what we mean when we say you are small walking infinities to each other. The unique personalities you have are creations of God, and this very uniqueness— plus the diverse ways your life conditions affect each of you in this uniqueness— makes you somewhat impenetrable and incomprehensible to each other.”

OK enough already. If those strike a resonant chord within you go here…

Perhaps watch the beautiful promo video here…

If you have further interest my favorite interview with Jerry is found in this YouTube discussion: Mother Spirit Speaks – Jerry Lane (The justBernard Show)

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

August 2015


OK that is a bit hysterical. This little alert is just to let you know that the Nobull Prizes for August have yet to be awarded. Life has conspired to slow down the process but presented a new avenue to explore. It may be great fun. Lets see what happens.

Three months ago I was given a key and carte blanche usage of a wonderful wood/metal shop. I chose to finish a creation that began in 1975. In the last month I have been completely focused on it, ignoring everything else as the completion approached. Just as a feeling of guilt about ignoring Nobull was descending, a new possibility suddenly appeared. Heh heh. I’m going to leave this message as a tease with the exception of one picture of that nearly finished project that constitutes my excuse. I’ll be adding a blog post today or tomorrow that will catch up on some Odds and Ends.

The Launch Pad ~ ‘A Bed to Die For’

Unknown Welles


This month was a bit different. As I said, I was intensely involved in physical work and only focus on one thing at a time. However the good news is that I have chosen on recipient and am in the midst of an experiment that I believe will be wildly successful. I describe what has been going on behind the scenes and offer an opportunity in the new blog post, Do It Yourself! Meanwhile it seems that only one NPP will be given out this August but we are on track for September.

Cheri Bianchini has provided both emotional and practical support for thousands of people in her lifetime. You know how there are Lifetime Achievement Awards given out by various institutions? Well she deserves one but she only gets a Halflifetime Achievement Award because she isn’t through yet by a long shot.

At one time in her life Cheri was a Nurse Manager at the Stanford Medical Center. She left that vital post for love and the desire to create her own business, The Healthy Way. That effort has helped thousands of people with knowledge and counseling on nutrition and weight loss matters. While information is important I would suggest that Cheri’s indefatigable upbeat enthusiasm is a palpable force that strengthens the resolve of all with whom she comes into contact.

Along the way she has written a column, collected some of her articles in a book, “Good Hearted Guidance, The Healthy Way”, created a yearly fashion show to benefit the Hospice Program and more. Cheri has become involved in the Hospice program where her emotional support and deep understanding of the grief process is immensely valuable.

But that isn’t why Cheri is getting a Nobull Peace Prize. I have a personal reason. You see she is my neighbor and good friend. I’ve been the direct recipient of her support. When I started the languishing project The Next Testament (it will come alive soon, I promise) Cheri was the first to offer a personal story from one of the most difficult times in her life. Without her community involvement in our little rural neighborhood I never would have been able to create The Nobull Peace Prize or The Launch Pad nor would I have been introduced to the Hospice movement.

I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have had her support.

You can meet Cheri here…

… and access many of her articles here…

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

July 2015

Courage is a quality of spirit that potentially exists within each of us. It is drawn from us during our lives when circumstance demand we step forward to be counted and we respond. It is a quality of the heart. Dane Wigington is one of those courageous souls who expected to find his happiness as the steward of a beautiful swath of this earth. It was not to be.

Constant aerial spraying by persons unknown of substances unknown began degrading the living environment of his dreams. He responded with painstaking research and has become perhaps the most important voice in the world trying to make people look at an unpalatable truth. Hidden military agendas, secret government and industry programs were effectively at war with the earth. Dominating weather for military purposes was one thrust. There were many layers of motivations by various players but the end result was an insane attempt to dominate the earth. The fact of the matter is geoengineering is killing it.

Dane’s mission is simply to expose the truth of this reality before it is too late. Governmental authorities are no help for they are in denial or collusion with the agenda. An awakened population is the only way change can be demanded. I can imagine no more courageous action than Dane’s. He is working for all our futures.

Please visit here…

If this is a new subject to you Dane made an excellent introductory film entitled Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger

Joe Martino’s brief bio says “After leaving college, he changed paths, and focused on learning about what people felt needed to be transformed in our world. Through that, Collective Evolution was born. CE is an organization for people who want to change the world; it’s for people who are looking for something beyond everyday life.”

The Mission Statement of CE has this to say, “We (CE) believe in creating change by thinking outside the box. We aim to challenge the current status quo by shaking up how we currently think about the world. We encourage and inspire each other to take action with the goal of bringing to life a bright future for us all. Positive and heartfelt journalism is a big part of what we do.

Living sustainably, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, creating a relationship with oneself and shaping a better world together are all things we encourage. We value balance in our world, which means examining all aspects of our lives. We report on news, health, science, technology and an accessible, non-new-agey brand of spirituality.

A grassroots organization created in 2009, CE is now one of the world’s most popular alternative media, production, and community outlets that gives readers an opportunity to reshape their everyday way of thinking. CE’s content ranges from full-length articles, to videos, to live events, all of which share one common goal: to raise awareness about how our world functions, and to encourage conscious change that moves beyond it.”

An excellent introduction to the man who is the driving force of Collective Evolution is the video, How To Change Your Life (TEDxTC) – Joe Martino.

One of Joe’s earlier articles stuck in my mind because it is of such practical value in the realm of pragmatic spiritual growth.

Why We Get Mad When Others Challenge What We Believe In — by Joe Martino

Finally have you ever heard of Tapping? I hadn’t. Joe introduced me to it with an insistence that demanded my attention. It is fascinating. Thanks, Joe.

Tapping: The Self-Help Technique That Can Truly Change Your Life (Video) — by Joe Martino

Charles Eisenstein is an author and speaker. He is one of my favorite spiritual thinkers, not in the sense of spiritual practices, but getting though the outer layers of a subject to the heart of the matter. Hmmm his skill is hard to define. Perhaps you should experience it. Here’s a brilliant article that looks at the problems of the world with a different perspective added.

Synchronicity, Myth, and the New World Order

While there is no denying the magnitude of the problems we face when viewed in a certain enlightening spirit we can see that even the most egregious perpetrators are trapped in an inertial field of their own fears and expectations. They are victims of the larger story even as we are participants in that same story.

Another personal fascination of mine is the relationship we all have with money. Charles addresses the subject in his book Sacred Economics. Here’s part of the pitch…

Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Today, these trends have reached their extreme—but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.

This book is about how the money system will have to change—and is already changing—to embody this transition. A broadly integrated synthesis of theory, policy, and practice, Sacred Economics explores avant-garde concepts of the New Economics, including negative-interest currencies, local currencies, resource-based economics, gift economies, and the restoration of the commons.”

We need to create new systems to replace the old. Thoughts from the heart are required to help discover those new arrangements. Charles is a leader in this regard. Please do go and watch the short movie about Sacred Economics here…

I should add that if money really is impossible for you to spare you can still read the book online for free. He has made it available for those of us who are poorer here… (but please buy the book if you can afford it.)

You know I can’t begin to touch on all Charles’ articles I’ve read and movies I’ve watched so let me just provide you with links to two sites that will allow you to access great volume of his work.

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

June 2015

JP Novic loves animals. That isn’t quite expressive enough. JP Loves animals. That’s better. Every rural home in which she has lived has become a sanctuary for all sorts of creatures. Many are just stopping briefly before finding new homes. Some are hurt, some abandoned, some are old but all of them need the Love and support she offers.

Her commitment found a larger opportunity for expression in 1992 when a group of people very involved in animal protection and animal rights created CAPE.  JP told me, “We decided to build an organization that would include rescue, advocacy, and sanctuary for animals of all species.  All of the people who founded the organization remain on our board of directors and are very involved in the organization in a variety of ways.”

As the Executive Director, one of JP’s primary task is to run the CAPE Sanctuary located in Grass Valley, CA (with lots of volunteer help of course). Recently their support has been extended to burros. “CAPE’s first burro rescue was Jackson who arrived at the sanctuary in May of 2013. Jackson was found trying to join a herd of horses cared for by an elderly woman.  The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) and the Platero Project helped to rescue Jackson and worked closely with CAPE in providing him a forever home.  Watch the video below to see Jackson being welcomed to the CAPE Animal Sanctuary.” The two stars of this video are JP and Jackson.!jackson-sponsor/c1oyj

Here is a video about CAPE’s history narrated by JP.

Kimberly Carter Gamble and Foster Gamble are the creators of the movie Thrive and The Thrive Movement. Their work originates in Foster’s life-long quest to discover what it will take for human beings to thrive on planet earth. His point of view is simply that a thriving world is based on integrity, individual freedom and voluntary cooperation. Those are Fosters words lifted from his introductory video found on The Thrive Movement web site.

His studies range from the material world through the intellectual to the spiritual. They aren’t intellectual abstractions for he has discovered convincing evidence through experience to give substance to his viewpoints. Some of them may cause us discomfort because they demand we stretch the limits of our horizons to accept their possibilities.

Any avenue for real change must include both a clear-sighted view of reality as it is, an analysis of how it came into existence and possible practical directions for change. These perspectives were shared and embellished through the creative drive of Kimberly as she co-wrote and produced the movie Thrive. It stimulated an outpouring of creative energy from inspired viewers that is the foundation of The Thrive Movement as an organization.

Foster and Kimberly are working to build a world of Love. Part of their effort is learning how to share uncomfortable truths with people who prefer the security of familiar illusions. The experience they are gaining about how to organize many different points of view into a cohesive group for action is very important as I look at the skills needed to create change. We are living in a time when massive change is no longer optional. The direction of the change is vital.

To meet with the Gamble’s all you need to do is go to the Thrive Movement web site where you can be introduced via a large number of videos. Each addresses a subject of importance to their world view. In one of my favorite videos they share the knowledge they have gained about presenting points of view concerning uncomfortable aspects of reality while mitigating the emotional impact that might cause automatic rejection by people unfamiliar with the subject matter.

How To Share Difficult Information With Friends Without Losing Friendships

Another interview that I find compelling was one Kimberly did with Ross Pittman of Conscious Life News. It was about the necessity to stop chemtrails. To me the most riveting part of the interview came about 34 minutes in as Kimberly describes what she has learned about organizing many disparate points of view into a cohesive group capable of coordinated action. Her concepts are so simple and realistic they will be embedded in our future social organizations. You can listen to that interview here…

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

May 2015

When Mimi heard the story of the Nobull Peace Prize she immediately said there were two women who should receive them right here in Santa Cruz. They are Jackie Russell and Gina Navaroli, known by the thousands of students they have helped over the years (and the hundreds of thousands they have fed) as The Lunch Ladies.

In addition to being Child Nutrition Specialists they have been running a program in the cafeteria for resource and special needs kids. The kids are given the opportunity to work in the kitchen and acquire skills that can allow them to find employment after high school. Some of the them come from emigrant families. Some are autistic. Some have social difficulties. The program provides an opportunity for kids that don’t quite fit in to have a group with whom they can learn and grow. They flourish because of this unusual opportunity.

The kids are given a grade and other special perks in this program set up as a special class. Some of the students have gone on to work or Pizza My Heart (a venerable Santa Cruz institution) and other local restaurants. Most of them find a sense of belonging simply because Jackie and Gina listen to them. They are expert listeners to the stories of boyfriend, girlfriend, school and home issues that their students are confronting. All of the kitchen staff participate in the program and allow Jackie and Gina more time to work with each individual on a personal basis. They even found funding for one of the students to be paid as a part time worker and hope to expand the program.

One staff member calls them Social Workers. They teach skills and nurture students facing personal difficulties in addition to making about 1,500 lunches a day for the local school system. Gina and Jackie are Love in action by my reckoning. The work that they are doing isn’t often recognized publically although they have recently been honored with an award from the WorkAbility Department of the school district.

You can visit with Jackie Russell here and with Gina Navaroli here.

My sister comes up with all kinds of interesting stuff from her wandering around the internet. One Sunday morning she sent me this link…

Why don’t you go ahead and read it. I’ll wait.

My heart lifted as I tried to chuckle, snort and laugh all at the same time. Who is this, I wondered? Well the answer is Terri St. Cloud. I’d never heard of Terri so it was time for some research. In her BlogSpot profile was a link to Bone Sigh Arts. It’s a business of healing with beauty, truth and humor.

Further rummaging around and I found in one of those little profile Q&As that her favorite thing was laughter. On another her interests were listed as “walking, pondering, reading, figuring out how i work…” I was becoming convinced that here was a kindred spirit. The deal was clinched when I read this bit in her archived bio

“i wrote and did watercolors to go with the words. and i walked an awful lot. i walked and thought and cried and talked to the universe. i asked over and over to be shown what i should do. and somehow i felt guided into doing the bone sighs. i honestly feel they are a gift from the universe. and i want to honor them that way. so, i made a promise to myself and the universe…that i would listen to my heart in all actions related to the bone sighs. little did i know that that would teach me to listen to my heart in all other areas of my life too.

even the name, “bone sigh arts” was a gift. since i felt that the work was beyond me in some way, i decided to ask for a name. to put it out to the universe. i meditated on a name. asked for it. and i received “bone sigh arts.” this is my favorite, favorite part of the whole story: when i got up from the meditation, i was not impressed at all with this name choice! i got up, looked up towards the sky and said “uh. is that the best you could do?!”

I cracked up. I also understood exactly why Bone Sighs are so special. Terri’s shift key is broken.

You can ‘meet’ Terri here and here.

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

April 2015

This month I’ve chosen to send Nobull Peace Prizes to three of the principal mainstays of Conscious Life News (CLN). The newly created Mission Page informs us that “Our mission, our “raison d’être” is to ELEVATE. Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has identified a phenomenon he calls “elevation” (read his article here). Haidt says it is “elicited by acts of virtue or moral beauty; it causes warm, open feelings in the chest; and it motivates people to behave more virtuously themselves.” That’s exactly the feeling and call to action we want for you and for ourselves.” It goes on to delineate more specifically that general purpose in beautiful terms.

Ross Pittman is the founder and chief editor of CLN. Although he has been a spiritual seeker most of his adult life his day-job was computer engineering and managing. CLN is a creative expression of his practical skills applied to his heart’s goal. Although his skill at interviewing isn’t particularly mentioned you should listen to his interview with Kimberly Carter Gamble. It is wonderful. He introduces her and then steps back to let Kimberly answer fully. You can read a bit more of his bio here.

Vicki Howie is Ross’s partner both in CLN and life. I was introduced to her home site Chakra Boosters and was fascinated by her modern focus on that ancient map of consciousness centers. Learning to feel chakra energies is one of the most direct techniques for spiritual learning. In addition to her editing work Vicki post numerous articles each week on CLN. Here’s a page that lists her latest articles. You can find out a little more about Vicki from her editor’s profile here

Alexis Brooks is recognized by most people as writer, reporter and skilled interviewer of people from the entire range of consciousness uplift in which we find ourselves. Those are the external manifestations. I percieve her real work is pondering the Universe in all its aspects. There are very few people who have as great a breadth of knowledge and familiarity with so many of the different points of view that are represented in our various spiritual journeys. Because of her great knowledge she injects thoughts and questions into her interviews that simplify complex subjects and illuminate obscure points. Her show Conscious Inquiry is the heart of CLN Radio. The interviews are also available as podcasts on iTunes and from her home page where you will also discover her writing and find an in depth personal biography.

I’m very grateful to these creators of Conscious Life News. I experience conscious and spiritual elevation from their work on a regular basis.

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

March 2015

Yay! Three for three! This month I asked three people if they would accept a Nobull Peace Prize and they all accepted. They are creators of original works. Each of them shares their creativity to the benefit of other people. In my view of the world it doesn’t get better than that.

I became familiar with the work of Kathleen Crocetti long before I ever knew her name. You see I’ve walked across the middle two of the four bridges that span the San Lorenzo River in downtown Santa Cruz hundreds of times. In the bridges’ design there are cement pillars atop which light poles are affixed and between which the railings are anchored. Each of those pillars was constructed with sides that had an architectural detail of a center inset panel formed when the cement was poured.

I remember the day a few years ago when I saw a bunch of kids and a few hovering adults meticulously applying tile and glass mosaics on three sides of each of those pillars. It was amazing. The bridge suddenly went from a functional entity to being loved because of their efforts. My world was brighter. I stopped and looked at each one to appreciate the vision each of those youthful artists had expressed and their techniques. Two years later a second bridge received the same attention funded by a KickStarter campaign.

One day I was talking with a friend who happened to be acquainted with Kathleen. He told me she was a marvel of creativity in any medium that caught her fancy but more importantly she shared that gift with students at a middle school where she taught and organized members of the larger community to participate in their projects. In short she is a creative dynamo that changes peoples lives.

You can meet Kathleen here via the KickStarter page that she created to fund the mosaics on the second bridge (Soquel Bridge) that she, her students and the community permanently brightened…

I can’t begin to paint a picture of all the individual works, community installations, performances and more that are the result of her remarkable creative drive but you can see some of them at…

I love being exposed to other people’s points of view in written form, especially when they are exquisitely crafted and then so highly polished I can mirror the reflected image of their thoughts. It is close to telepathy for I am able to gain the wisdom of a lifetime without having to have lived it. John Ptacek’s writing affects me in that fashion.

It seems to me that John strives for absolute quality. Every one of his essays and pieces of poetry were gems. I came away with a new perspective from each. You could read his collection in one sitting but that would be a waste. I suggest you start with one at a time, perhaps one a day and allow the layers of meaning to become part of your own. May I suggest you start with a very short piece of perfection, Miracles. Oh yes, wait for a day when you feel like weeping with poignant sweetness before you read Eternity.

Ho ho that’s not all folks! Click on the GALLERY link on the web site. John has created a whole series of what I call graphic essays to complement his written works Take an insight, embellish it graphically and the ideas and experiences of the ‘reader’ will coalesce to create a personalized moment of illumination. That’s a graphic essay. Here’s a tease. John offers this thought. Enlightenment: don’t give it a thought. To me that’s really funny just as written but when I saw how he embellished it with an image it made me laugh out loud and his message was driven home in an RV of laughter.

For a combination of spiritual perception, wisdom and humor you should visit…

When we live creative lives we never quite know where we’re going. Part of the creative process is responding to circumstances that life presents us as well acting by intent and/or inspiration.

Gregory Kloehn is a sculptor with a fascination for living spaces. He has built a home out of a shipping container. Another extraordinary project was a dumpster home that was so well engineered it gained a great deal of public acclaim. He was working on a book about Homeless Architecture when… well let’s have Gregory tell the story…

“I wish that I could say that I set out to house the homeless, but my motivation was not so lofty. At the time, I was working on a book about Homeless Architecture and following the various structures that are created by people living on the streets. I quickly became enamored by their resourcefulness to take objects found on the street and create homes and a livelihood from them. I was inspired to take these same materials back to my shop and put them together in a more permanent fashion. After about a week of collecting and building, I had a 21st century hunter/gather home, built from the discarded fruits of the urban jungle.

This sat at my studio for a number of months, just collecting dust. One rainy night, Charlene, a homeless woman I’ve known for some 10 years, asked if I had a tarp for her. I told her I didn’t have one and I went back inside. As I walked past the home, it hit me,I should give her this. I ran back out and told her to come back tomorrow and I would have a home for her. She and her husband Oscar came back the next day, I handed them a set of keys and a bottle of champagne and watched them push it down the street. It felt so good that I started making another one that same day.”

His response to the needs of his homeless neighbors was the genesis of the Homeless Homes Project that you can find here… (be sure to click on View Gallery)

Here is an article about his micro-home creations…

You know every now and then we are lucky enough to participate in a moment of creative perfection. I see Gregory’s project in just this light. He is recycling scavenged materials. That’s ecologically important. His empathetic response to his neighbors was perfect. Perhaps my greatest enthusiasm lies in the pure creativity expressed in each of those little sculptural dwellings. Please visit Gregory here… (and donate to the Homeless Homes Project if you are so inclined)

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

February 2015

This month is exciting. I’m distributing three NPPs to remarkable people. Lissa Rankin Md. is another one of my favorite writers. From watching her videos on YouTube I can attest that she is a dynamic speaker but the writing clearly shares her soul.

I will read every article or essay she writes but the ones that I appreciated most were about her spiritual awakening. There are many types of spiritual and religious experiences. The salient point is that they are not ideas but experiences. Afterward you try and give them definition. It isn’t a chicken and egg conundrum, though, for experience is always first. They are also followed by a period of personal upheaval and confusion while you try to make sense out of your new perspective. From Lissa:

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet — by Dr. Lissa Rankin

How To Stay Sane & Sustain In The Wake Of A Spiritual Awakening — by Dr. Lissa Rankin

For all that Lissa is on a spiritual journey and shares her progressive illuminations she has another vital social function. She is a doctor of medicine. In that role she is working to change the direction of medical science from curing to healing. If medicine were a ship Dr. Rankin would be a trim tab on the rudder of that Titanic working to change its course before it hits the iceberg of materialism. Oh… trim tab? That’s from a Bucky Fuller quote…

“Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary — the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there’s a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trim tab. It’s a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trim tab. Society thinks it’s going right by you, that it’s left you altogether. But if you’re doing dynamic things mentally, the fact is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to go. So I said, call me Trim Tab.”

Early reports from Dr. Rankin are that the inertia of the Titanic is hard to counter…

When Science Gets Dismissed As “Alternative”

It might be a disservice to Ethan Indigo Smith to suggest his writing reminds me of Thomas Paine. He views the world with such good common sense though that I find his perspective remarkably in alignment with my own. I could almost sum up “The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism: Its Theory and Practice” in two simple sentences. Ethan wrote: “What is patriotism? In short, it’s support of liberty.”

That’s it; simple and straight to the point. While his full length books expand such simplicity with different perspectives they are focused on the same point. In our sound and sight byte world his articles carry the same clarion call of freedoms in shorter format. This essay clearly articulates the fact that openness is cornerstone of freedom, secrecy the foundation of control. After reading his article a quip came into my mind and stuck there… “Secrets are just untold lies.”

Should Institutions Have a Right to Secrets in a Free and Open Society?

While much of his writing looks at the world as it is, Ethan also suggests how it might be. In this article…

Oligarchy and the War on Individualism

…Ethan first addresses the egregious insult of contemporary control mechanisms used in ‘governance’. After exposing some of the problems he makes a little break from what I call doom with this;

“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government…” ~ U.S.A. Declaration of Independence

After the break he shares a series of principles for government at any level expressed as a series of Resolutions. This section is the part that has historic lasting value, I believe. It is called “A New Paradigm Resolution.”

I am inspired. I want him on my New Continental Congress! Vote for Smith!

Here is Ethan Indigo Smith’s Amazon page…

Quite often we have a tendency to overlook remarkable actions of people who live in our own communities. It isn’t that familiarity breeds contempt so much as those familiar to us become ordinary and we tend to take them for granted. When I decided to look for a potential NPP recipient in my own little rural community Thom Zajac seemed like an outstanding choice.

Thom is the founder of The Santa Cruz Comic News. The first edition was published on September 12, 1984. In a rare moment of clarity he had come up with the idea of using only syndicated material — primarily editorial cartoons — to create the first newspaper of its kind. It became an instant hit and was such an important cultural icon that the SCCN has inspired the creation of over 100 comic newspapers all around the US and as far afield as Tokyo, Japan and Oslo, Norway.

In the years since, Thom has frequently been the first to present stories about our world that initially were met with skepticism only to find out some years later that they were absolutely true. The other day I was walking along the road when a neighbor stopped for a chat. The conversation veered in the direction of chem trails because they were hard to ignore that day. My friend mentioned that Thom had introduced him to that reality long before anyone else was even mentioning it.

Then there’s the ping-pong; sounds pretty normal doesn’t it. However creating an outdoor, lighted, two-table setup for local tournaments is a real labor of love. Putting all that together has been almost entirely a solo effort that hundreds of people have enjoyed. Thom has been a mainstay of our local community in two fields over the years, education and entertainment. It’s hard to say where one leaves off and the other begins.

Take a moment out of your day and do look at the online presence of the Santa Cruz Comic News.

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

January 2015

I’d like to start off the new year with an expression of gratitude. Ida Lawrence and Dr. Andreas Toupadakis have allowed me to present them with Nobull Peace Prizes. I’m really grateful because Ida is a marvelous spiritual teacher and Dr. Toupadakis exemplifies the moral courage of choice we each face in creating a world of love.

Ida’s an original. I never fail to read her works even on those occasions when she is writing about subjects considerably outside my experience. It isn’t that she has generated every bit of wisdom anew but she has incorporated many strands of enlightenment into a fresh personal tapestry woven from experience. You won’t necessarily notice the warp of ancient wisdom because it is mostly hidden beneath the woof of individual observations from life. She wears the garment of a teacher beautifully by presenting her unique point of view with a clarity that invites illumination within the reader.

Every one of us who walks a spiritual path develops a unique perspective. Sometimes those points of view become more universally valuable because they address the needs felt by many others. That’s Ida’s forte.

I would like to offer one of my favorites from among her essays. Actually that statement is a bit fatuous as I find that about every other one suddenly becomes ‘my favorite’. I can’t find this particular essay on her web site so I’ll link the page on the Waking Times web site where I was originally introduced to her work.

Starting With Love

Please go to her site and be prepared for a uplifting visit. Don’t forget to look at her three volumes of collected essays, Talk2Momz: Best Blogs Collection, Food for the Evolving Human and Contemplating Daybreak. I would strongly advise you peek at The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. I think of it as a manual to help you grow out of the old world and into the new. Here’s Ida’s homepage.

When you are working in a highly technical field that has required an investment of much of your life and have personal and familial obligations your options seem limited by practical necessity. The most courageous acts people can perform on this planet today occur when the realization that their actions don’t feel right. Dr. Andreas Toupadakis confronted that realization in America’s nuclear labs.

My first introduction to his story was in the article, “Quitting the Nuclear Labs – a Scientist’s Plea for World Peace”. The personal distress that Dr. Toupadakis had to go through is described in sufficient detail that I was able to appreciate through someone else’s eyes just how extremely difficult making a life choice in response to a prompt from your spirit can be. You have to confront the chimera of giving up material security in exchange for following a feeling of the truth inside you. Every one of us faces that dilemma at some point. I hope your courage may be bolstered by his story.

In addition to that first article I’ve encountered three more of his articles that address the challenges of and necessity for both personal and institutional change in the world. You can find them listed here…

Stopping our participation in the problem is only the first half of the equation of change. Dr. Toupadakis is currently a popular lecturer in the Chemistry Department of the University of California, Davis. He was the winner of the 7th annual ASUCD Excellence in Education Award as the overall educator of the year 2009 at UC Davis. You can discover for yourself the reason why with a visit to his personal web site, The Life Curve, which is devoted to student success during and after college. There you will also find a number of essays to inspire creative goodness. Oh yes, the gardens; do check out the gardens. Dr. Toupadakis’ creative actions are building a world of Love in a number of directions at once.

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

December 2014

This month I’d like to thank four people. Dylan Charles is the editor of Eric and Julie Handler have created and operate an uplifting website called Positively Positive. Brandon West’s Project Global Awakening is simply amazing. Here’s why.

In the landscape of human efforts consciously applied to building a new world there is a huge range of possibilities. Each of us creates our unique threads. They are being woven into the ideational, emotional and spiritual foundation of world change. Dylan Charles is a contributing writer and the editor of His efforts have quite literally changed my life rather profoundly in a very short time.

I’ve been introduced to realities and valuable points of view to which I never would have been exposed without his work. He is a staunch observer of the truth. Our world is being dominated by values that are often insane. Coming to grips with reality is an uncomfortable but necessary step so we may grow beyond them. Growing pains are real. He is also an explorer of unique spiritual points of view and presents an egalitarian perspective that will expand your spiritual horizons no matter how much you think you know.

Truth warrior is a term used by many to describe those who are confronting the seriously flawed mind-sets entrenched in the human psyche and being played out on our world through institutional inertia. Dylan Charles fits that description perfectly. You can visit here… (and be sure to sign up for the Daily Email)

You can peruse Dylan’s articles here.

Eric and Julie Handler are a married couple who created and maintain Positively Positive, which provides “GOODNEWS Right To Your Inbox”. Their goal is to present optimism, inspiration and wisdom to their community every day. You will find articles, videos and quotations. All of them are uplifting but I personally experience emotional learning and improvement from their work.

I eagerly look forward to the daily emailed offering from which I read one or more of their stories and always look to see if there is a new quote published that day. On their web site I’ve been introduced to a whole collection of wonderful authors whose work I might never have seen otherwise. The offerings are often close to my heart and even when I don’t learn anything new I’m refreshed and uplifted. I find myself sharing many of the Positively Positive articles with other people. That is my greatest encomium.

There are a number of people who work hard at creating sites of good news. A site that only offers positive perspectives is good news! You can meet Eric and Julie Handler in this interview…

Positively Positive Founders Eric and Julie Handler at 2011 Blogworld

Be sure to visit and sign up for their daily email!

Brandon West is the creator of Project Global Awakening. He is a young man, still under 25 years old I believe. I’m astounded at the level of consciousness in one so young. He is a perfect example of why we old timers should hope for the future. There is a global awakening, a shift in consciousness occurring on this planet. The younger folks who are living through these turbulent times have access to great spiritual resources that are just coming online. Those who are making use of that increased access to greater wisdom are already marvels to me.

I was discussing the Nobull idea with a good friend who had been a high school teacher for many years until his recent retirement. He was emphatic that a good part of my effort be to support the efforts of young people who are making great personal strides toward the spiritual awakening that is so necessary. He made his point by reminding me how much a little encouragement can mean when we are striking out on our own paths. Exactly right. So I’m thanking Brandon to some degree with that advice in mind but also because he gives me reason to hope.

I would suggest that you read his home page…

Another introduction might be to read an essay I particularly like, “Sit Until the World Becomes Still”…

Unknown Welles B Goodrich