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April 2015

This month I’ve chosen to send Nobull Peace Prizes to three of the principal mainstays of Conscious Life News (CLN). The newly created Mission Page informs us that “Our mission, our “raison d’être” is to ELEVATE. Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has identified a phenomenon he calls “elevation” (read his article here). Haidt says it is “elicited by acts of virtue or moral beauty; it causes warm, open feelings in the chest; and it motivates people to behave more virtuously themselves.” That’s exactly the feeling and call to action we want for you and for ourselves.” It goes on to delineate more specifically that general purpose in beautiful terms.

Ross Pittman is the founder and chief editor of CLN. Although he has been a spiritual seeker most of his adult life his day-job was computer engineering and managing. CLN is a creative expression of his practical skills applied to his heart’s goal. Although his skill at interviewing isn’t particularly mentioned you should listen to his interview with Kimberly Carter Gamble. It is wonderful. He introduces her and then steps back to let Kimberly answer fully. You can read a bit more of his bio here.

Vicki Howie is Ross’s partner both in CLN and life. I was introduced to her home site Chakra Boosters and was fascinated by her modern focus on that ancient map of consciousness centers. Learning to feel chakra energies is one of the most direct techniques for spiritual learning. In addition to her editing work Vicki post numerous articles each week on CLN. Here’s a page that lists her latest articles. You can find out a little more about Vicki from her editor’s profile here

Alexis Brooks is recognized by most people as writer, reporter and skilled interviewer of people from the entire range of consciousness uplift in which we find ourselves. Those are the external manifestations. I percieve her real work is pondering the Universe in all its aspects. There are very few people who have as great a breadth of knowledge and familiarity with so many of the different points of view that are represented in our various spiritual journeys. Because of her great knowledge she injects thoughts and questions into her interviews that simplify complex subjects and illuminate obscure points. Her show Conscious Inquiry is the heart of CLN Radio. The interviews are also available as podcasts on iTunes and from her home page where you will also discover her writing and find an in depth personal biography.

I’m very grateful to these creators of Conscious Life News. I experience conscious and spiritual elevation from their work on a regular basis.

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

Reciprocal Process

Every time you create something original it is a reciprocal process. The creation acts on the creator as well. That occurs by feedback from the environment in which the effort is invested. This project has resulted in some excellent responses that tend to be directing my steps forward as I respond to them.

The NPP started with a laugh as I imagined the logo but I couldn’t imagine what might actually occur. In a way I was putting a shot across the bows of reality and knew it was rather absurd. It was more like one cartoon character in a rowboat with a popgun as the Titanic of the world rumbled by. Pop! Pop-pop! That was maybe fifteen percent of my original package of motivations truly reflected in the Nobull logo. Another thirty percent or so was consciously trying to inject my version of Love into the world. At the time my largest motivator was simply I love creating stuff and hoped it would delight people. Of course most people are used to institutional products and one individual’s efforts are of necessity modest by that scale.

Dylan Charles responded to my initial letter of inquiry with what I thought was a classic reply. He said simply, “Thanks so much for your consideration in this. I’ve always wanted a Nobull Peace Prize. 😉 ” I cracked up. Pop-pop!

Then I had a wonderful experience. Ida Lawrence added her thoughts about the Nobull Peace Prize on her blog.

Momz Goodies – Creating a Circuit

I’m so grateful for her response because that was my second major motivation for doing the NPP. Now that the physical creation is over my motivation has changed again. Creating a circuit of Love has become the primary focus because of Ida’s reinforcement. Pop-pop. Don’t worry I’m still out there in the rowboat.

The spirit of this project was directed once more by John Ptacek. I was given a personal nudge when he wrote…

“Welles, I received your gift yesterday. Please let me restate what an honor it is to receive this award. You impress me as a person driven to find good in the world and reward it. Shouldn’t we all be doing this? I think so.

Haven’t yet found the right spot for the three pieces you sent me, but will get to work on it this weekend.

Keep brightening the world with acts of kindness. It is our highest human capability and you are setting a good example for me and for those who come in contact with you. 

With love,


You know I’ve never thought of myself as a kind person. I try hard to live by the Golden Rule and wasn’t consciously aware that kindness was one of the results. From now on I’ll be acutely aware of the kindness aspect of my actions. Thanks, John for that direction.

When we reinforce the goodness in one another we are changed and that is how the world is changed. It isn’t a big deal, just profound.

Signature Heart Welles B Goodrich

March 2015

Yay! Three for three! This month I asked three people if they would accept a Nobull Peace Prize and they all accepted. They are creators of original works. Each of them shares their creativity to the benefit of other people. In my view of the world it doesn’t get better than that.

I became familiar with the work of Kathleen Crocetti long before I ever knew her name. You see I’ve walked across the middle two of the four bridges that span the San Lorenzo River in downtown Santa Cruz hundreds of times. In the bridges’ design there are cement pillars atop which light poles are affixed and between which the railings are anchored. Each of those pillars was constructed with sides that had an architectural detail of a center inset panel formed when the cement was poured.

I remember the day a few years ago when I saw a bunch of kids and a few hovering adults meticulously applying tile and glass mosaics on three sides of each of those pillars. It was amazing. The bridge suddenly went from a functional entity to being loved because of their efforts. My world was brighter. I stopped and looked at each one to appreciate the vision each of those youthful artists had expressed and their techniques. Two years later a second bridge received the same attention funded by a KickStarter campaign.

One day I was talking with a friend who happened to be acquainted with Kathleen. He told me she was a marvel of creativity in any medium that caught her fancy but more importantly she shared that gift with students at a middle school where she taught and organized members of the larger community to participate in their projects. In short she is a creative dynamo that changes peoples lives.

You can meet Kathleen here via the KickStarter page that she created to fund the mosaics on the second bridge (Soquel Bridge) that she, her students and the community permanently brightened…

I can’t begin to paint a picture of all the individual works, community installations, performances and more that are the result of her remarkable creative drive but you can see some of them at…

I love being exposed to other people’s points of view in written form, especially when they are exquisitely crafted and then so highly polished I can mirror the reflected image of their thoughts. It is close to telepathy for I am able to gain the wisdom of a lifetime without having to have lived it. John Ptacek’s writing affects me in that fashion.

It seems to me that John strives for absolute quality. Every one of his essays and pieces of poetry were gems. I came away with a new perspective from each. You could read his collection in one sitting but that would be a waste. I suggest you start with one at a time, perhaps one a day and allow the layers of meaning to become part of your own. May I suggest you start with a very short piece of perfection, Miracles. Oh yes, wait for a day when you feel like weeping with poignant sweetness before you read Eternity.

Ho ho that’s not all folks! Click on the GALLERY link on the web site. John has created a whole series of what I call graphic essays to complement his written works Take an insight, embellish it graphically and the ideas and experiences of the ‘reader’ will coalesce to create a personalized moment of illumination. That’s a graphic essay. Here’s a tease. John offers this thought. Enlightenment: don’t give it a thought. To me that’s really funny just as written but when I saw how he embellished it with an image it made me laugh out loud and his message was driven home in an RV of laughter.

For a combination of spiritual perception, wisdom and humor you should visit…

When we live creative lives we never quite know where we’re going. Part of the creative process is responding to circumstances that life presents us as well acting by intent and/or inspiration.

Gregory Kloehn is a sculptor with a fascination for living spaces. He has built a home out of a shipping container. Another extraordinary project was a dumpster home that was so well engineered it gained a great deal of public acclaim. He was working on a book about Homeless Architecture when… well let’s have Gregory tell the story…

“I wish that I could say that I set out to house the homeless, but my motivation was not so lofty. At the time, I was working on a book about Homeless Architecture and following the various structures that are created by people living on the streets. I quickly became enamored by their resourcefulness to take objects found on the street and create homes and a livelihood from them. I was inspired to take these same materials back to my shop and put them together in a more permanent fashion. After about a week of collecting and building, I had a 21st century hunter/gather home, built from the discarded fruits of the urban jungle.

This sat at my studio for a number of months, just collecting dust. One rainy night, Charlene, a homeless woman I’ve known for some 10 years, asked if I had a tarp for her. I told her I didn’t have one and I went back inside. As I walked past the home, it hit me,I should give her this. I ran back out and told her to come back tomorrow and I would have a home for her. She and her husband Oscar came back the next day, I handed them a set of keys and a bottle of champagne and watched them push it down the street. It felt so good that I started making another one that same day.”

His response to the needs of his homeless neighbors was the genesis of the Homeless Homes Project that you can find here… (be sure to click on View Gallery)

Here is an article about his micro-home creations…

You know every now and then we are lucky enough to participate in a moment of creative perfection. I see Gregory’s project in just this light. He is recycling scavenged materials. That’s ecologically important. His empathetic response to his neighbors was perfect. Perhaps my greatest enthusiasm lies in the pure creativity expressed in each of those little sculptural dwellings. Please visit Gregory here… (and donate to the Homeless Homes Project if you are so inclined)

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

February 2015

This month is exciting. I’m distributing three NPPs to remarkable people. Lissa Rankin Md. is another one of my favorite writers. From watching her videos on YouTube I can attest that she is a dynamic speaker but the writing clearly shares her soul.

I will read every article or essay she writes but the ones that I appreciated most were about her spiritual awakening. There are many types of spiritual and religious experiences. The salient point is that they are not ideas but experiences. Afterward you try and give them definition. It isn’t a chicken and egg conundrum, though, for experience is always first. They are also followed by a period of personal upheaval and confusion while you try to make sense out of your new perspective. From Lissa:

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet — by Dr. Lissa Rankin

How To Stay Sane & Sustain In The Wake Of A Spiritual Awakening — by Dr. Lissa Rankin

For all that Lissa is on a spiritual journey and shares her progressive illuminations she has another vital social function. She is a doctor of medicine. In that role she is working to change the direction of medical science from curing to healing. If medicine were a ship Dr. Rankin would be a trim tab on the rudder of that Titanic working to change its course before it hits the iceberg of materialism. Oh… trim tab? That’s from a Bucky Fuller quote…

“Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary — the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there’s a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trim tab. It’s a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trim tab. Society thinks it’s going right by you, that it’s left you altogether. But if you’re doing dynamic things mentally, the fact is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to go. So I said, call me Trim Tab.”

Early reports from Dr. Rankin are that the inertia of the Titanic is hard to counter…

When Science Gets Dismissed As “Alternative”

It might be a disservice to Ethan Indigo Smith to suggest his writing reminds me of Thomas Paine. He views the world with such good common sense though that I find his perspective remarkably in alignment with my own. I could almost sum up “The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism: Its Theory and Practice” in two simple sentences. Ethan wrote: “What is patriotism? In short, it’s support of liberty.”

That’s it; simple and straight to the point. While his full length books expand such simplicity with different perspectives they are focused on the same point. In our sound and sight byte world his articles carry the same clarion call of freedoms in shorter format. This essay clearly articulates the fact that openness is cornerstone of freedom, secrecy the foundation of control. After reading his article a quip came into my mind and stuck there… “Secrets are just untold lies.”

Should Institutions Have a Right to Secrets in a Free and Open Society?

While much of his writing looks at the world as it is, Ethan also suggests how it might be. In this article…

Oligarchy and the War on Individualism

…Ethan first addresses the egregious insult of contemporary control mechanisms used in ‘governance’. After exposing some of the problems he makes a little break from what I call doom with this;

“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government…” ~ U.S.A. Declaration of Independence

After the break he shares a series of principles for government at any level expressed as a series of Resolutions. This section is the part that has historic lasting value, I believe. It is called “A New Paradigm Resolution.”

I am inspired. I want him on my New Continental Congress! Vote for Smith!

Here is Ethan Indigo Smith’s Amazon page…

Quite often we have a tendency to overlook remarkable actions of people who live in our own communities. It isn’t that familiarity breeds contempt so much as those familiar to us become ordinary and we tend to take them for granted. When I decided to look for a potential NPP recipient in my own little rural community Thom Zajac seemed like an outstanding choice.

Thom is the founder of The Santa Cruz Comic News. The first edition was published on September 12, 1984. In a rare moment of clarity he had come up with the idea of using only syndicated material — primarily editorial cartoons — to create the first newspaper of its kind. It became an instant hit and was such an important cultural icon that the SCCN has inspired the creation of over 100 comic newspapers all around the US and as far afield as Tokyo, Japan and Oslo, Norway.

In the years since, Thom has frequently been the first to present stories about our world that initially were met with skepticism only to find out some years later that they were absolutely true. The other day I was walking along the road when a neighbor stopped for a chat. The conversation veered in the direction of chem trails because they were hard to ignore that day. My friend mentioned that Thom had introduced him to that reality long before anyone else was even mentioning it.

Then there’s the ping-pong; sounds pretty normal doesn’t it. However creating an outdoor, lighted, two-table setup for local tournaments is a real labor of love. Putting all that together has been almost entirely a solo effort that hundreds of people have enjoyed. Thom has been a mainstay of our local community in two fields over the years, education and entertainment. It’s hard to say where one leaves off and the other begins.

Take a moment out of your day and do look at the online presence of the Santa Cruz Comic News.

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

Social Creation

In this last week I suddenly realized that the Nobull Peace Prize is a social creation. I knew the project was a creative one but not really much more than that until now.

Creation is a funny process. We aren’t The Creators of but a part of the evolutionary outworking of the Universe; the emergence from formless to form. In that light we’re all co-creators. I like that role. How does it work? Let’s look at this project.

The NPP began with a 10-watt inspiration. It blossomed in my mind during a receptive moment when my internal dialog was quiet and heart open. When you are the recipient of an inspiration the next thing is to look around and see if you have the means to do something about it. Well I definitely have the design skills to see the logo emerge from imagination to reality. It took only a day or so and I knew the design was really good. When we are working in alignment with the Universe practical miracles occur to forward the momentum of our efforts. When they don’t it is time to look inward for there are valuable lessons waiting.

With astounding synchronicity I heard that a friend had left me a gift in his will and so actually creating the cloisonné badges to be a physical prize became real. Research and conferences with a couple of vendors taught me how to modify the logo for production. I went with the vendor who gave me one excellent defining suggestion (to turn the white bull and lettering into polished nickel). A few discussions with the factory to make sure of every color, line and facet preceded production. With that under way I worked on the packaging.

There was a great deal of emotion invested in the logo, cloisonné badges, the packaging and every pixel of this web site design. Everything was crafted by feel with an open-heart on the podium directing the whole task. I feel totally confident in the quality of the material prize but unsure of the distribution plan. The reality of every creation is that we are tested, stressed and must grow during the process. I’m not used to being reliant on other people in my creations. So far that’s still an issue.

To begin distribution I chose a variety of people whose work I had found personally enlightening. That was my sole criterion. In the first two months I simply awarded ten people the Nobull Peace Prize and then tried to deliver. I’m used to making unilateral decisions. It turned out that wasn’t a particularly good strategy. Only seven prizes were mailed out of the ten. Of those only three expressed appreciation for the effort but the responses from those people were so much fun that it was easily worth the effort.

As I pondered on the relative failures in those initial attempts it became obvious that I needed a better strategy. I was too autocratic. Perhaps I should ask if potential recipients were interested in advance and created a web page that answered the two most salient questions I imagined people might have. Who am I? What do I want? This January is the first time I’ve tried the new strategy. The answer to what do I want was; ‘should you accept you will be helping to make the project real’. That was about as straightforward as I knew how to be.

So far I’ve sent six invitations for January. Five didn’t respond but Ida Lawrence did. I was really grateful. She and her family got a kick out of the Nobull Peace Prize. I loved the response. Then it dawned on me. The Nobull Peace Prize can be a social creation to spread delight. I hadn’t realized that. I like the idea. Oh yes, a new distribution model came to me during another pondering session.

Creation is funny stuff. Get a little inspiration. Keep doing what you can to make it real and see where it takes you. You never know…

Heart Welles B Goodrich

January 2015

I’d like to start off the new year with an expression of gratitude. Ida Lawrence and Dr. Andreas Toupadakis have allowed me to present them with Nobull Peace Prizes. I’m really grateful because Ida is a marvelous spiritual teacher and Dr. Toupadakis exemplifies the moral courage of choice we each face in creating a world of love.

Ida’s an original. I never fail to read her works even on those occasions when she is writing about subjects considerably outside my experience. It isn’t that she has generated every bit of wisdom anew but she has incorporated many strands of enlightenment into a fresh personal tapestry woven from experience. You won’t necessarily notice the warp of ancient wisdom because it is mostly hidden beneath the woof of individual observations from life. She wears the garment of a teacher beautifully by presenting her unique point of view with a clarity that invites illumination within the reader.

Every one of us who walks a spiritual path develops a unique perspective. Sometimes those points of view become more universally valuable because they address the needs felt by many others. That’s Ida’s forte.

I would like to offer one of my favorites from among her essays. Actually that statement is a bit fatuous as I find that about every other one suddenly becomes ‘my favorite’. I can’t find this particular essay on her web site so I’ll link the page on the Waking Times web site where I was originally introduced to her work.

Starting With Love

Please go to her site and be prepared for a uplifting visit. Don’t forget to look at her three volumes of collected essays, Talk2Momz: Best Blogs Collection, Food for the Evolving Human and Contemplating Daybreak. I would strongly advise you peek at The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. I think of it as a manual to help you grow out of the old world and into the new. Here’s Ida’s homepage.

When you are working in a highly technical field that has required an investment of much of your life and have personal and familial obligations your options seem limited by practical necessity. The most courageous acts people can perform on this planet today occur when the realization that their actions don’t feel right. Dr. Andreas Toupadakis confronted that realization in America’s nuclear labs.

My first introduction to his story was in the article, “Quitting the Nuclear Labs – a Scientist’s Plea for World Peace”. The personal distress that Dr. Toupadakis had to go through is described in sufficient detail that I was able to appreciate through someone else’s eyes just how extremely difficult making a life choice in response to a prompt from your spirit can be. You have to confront the chimera of giving up material security in exchange for following a feeling of the truth inside you. Every one of us faces that dilemma at some point. I hope your courage may be bolstered by his story.

In addition to that first article I’ve encountered three more of his articles that address the challenges of and necessity for both personal and institutional change in the world. You can find them listed here…

Stopping our participation in the problem is only the first half of the equation of change. Dr. Toupadakis is currently a popular lecturer in the Chemistry Department of the University of California, Davis. He was the winner of the 7th annual ASUCD Excellence in Education Award as the overall educator of the year 2009 at UC Davis. You can discover for yourself the reason why with a visit to his personal web site, The Life Curve, which is devoted to student success during and after college. There you will also find a number of essays to inspire creative goodness. Oh yes, the gardens; do check out the gardens. Dr. Toupadakis’ creative actions are building a world of Love in a number of directions at once.

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

Love’s Landscape

I often use the phrase ‘building a world of Love.’ It has a very specific meaning to me that includes all the unique possibilities that every person might manifest. Love is quite simply the fundamental undifferentiated energy of the Creator. When we access it through our hearts and it becomes the basis of our actions we become co-creators in our little corners of the Universe. When we allow Love to flow through us our ideas are enlightened, our material creations become elevated to arts and our human interactions generate goodness.

The primary qualities of endeavors nourished by that cosmic creative force are goodness, truth, and beauty. I happen to be fond of the humor, as well, a derivative of those three fundamentals. We are transformed by actions whose intent is an embrace of Love. They are a gift to those around us as well. That is the practical key to spiritual growth.

As I look over our world, so frightfully in need change, I see millions of people participating in creating with Love already. The constant small goodnesses we perform for one another build the ground of an emerging new world. Ultimately it is person to person, heart to heart that creates the circuit to enable the transformation needed.

The manifestation of each person is different. Some work to shed the light of truth. It helps to dissolve the bondage of the old system’s control through fear. That is an ungodly mess that can’t be fixed. As I see it there is also an implied obligation that those truth warriors will be the creators of the new institutions that will help to set us free.

Some are working to uncover and resolve the patterns of fears that reside in our common psyches. The wisdom and understanding gained through their struggles will make the transition easier for each succeeding generation. Some are initiating new courses of action with their intent consciously held in the heart. They are the pioneers who are proving the reality that spiritual development becomes dynamic when we become creators. From them we will learn to initiate from the heart and be responsible for our actions.

I see a new landscape emerging; a new world. The soil that nurtures it is Love. The structures aren’t metal and stone but rather organic. They are grown among people through the voluntary participation of each individual. It isn’t easy. It’s necessary.

Heart Welles B Goodrich

December 2014

This month I’d like to thank four people. Dylan Charles is the editor of Eric and Julie Handler have created and operate an uplifting website called Positively Positive. Brandon West’s Project Global Awakening is simply amazing. Here’s why.

In the landscape of human efforts consciously applied to building a new world there is a huge range of possibilities. Each of us creates our unique threads. They are being woven into the ideational, emotional and spiritual foundation of world change. Dylan Charles is a contributing writer and the editor of His efforts have quite literally changed my life rather profoundly in a very short time.

I’ve been introduced to realities and valuable points of view to which I never would have been exposed without his work. He is a staunch observer of the truth. Our world is being dominated by values that are often insane. Coming to grips with reality is an uncomfortable but necessary step so we may grow beyond them. Growing pains are real. He is also an explorer of unique spiritual points of view and presents an egalitarian perspective that will expand your spiritual horizons no matter how much you think you know.

Truth warrior is a term used by many to describe those who are confronting the seriously flawed mind-sets entrenched in the human psyche and being played out on our world through institutional inertia. Dylan Charles fits that description perfectly. You can visit here… (and be sure to sign up for the Daily Email)

You can peruse Dylan’s articles here.

Eric and Julie Handler are a married couple who created and maintain Positively Positive, which provides “GOODNEWS Right To Your Inbox”. Their goal is to present optimism, inspiration and wisdom to their community every day. You will find articles, videos and quotations. All of them are uplifting but I personally experience emotional learning and improvement from their work.

I eagerly look forward to the daily emailed offering from which I read one or more of their stories and always look to see if there is a new quote published that day. On their web site I’ve been introduced to a whole collection of wonderful authors whose work I might never have seen otherwise. The offerings are often close to my heart and even when I don’t learn anything new I’m refreshed and uplifted. I find myself sharing many of the Positively Positive articles with other people. That is my greatest encomium.

There are a number of people who work hard at creating sites of good news. A site that only offers positive perspectives is good news! You can meet Eric and Julie Handler in this interview…

Positively Positive Founders Eric and Julie Handler at 2011 Blogworld

Be sure to visit and sign up for their daily email!

Brandon West is the creator of Project Global Awakening. He is a young man, still under 25 years old I believe. I’m astounded at the level of consciousness in one so young. He is a perfect example of why we old timers should hope for the future. There is a global awakening, a shift in consciousness occurring on this planet. The younger folks who are living through these turbulent times have access to great spiritual resources that are just coming online. Those who are making use of that increased access to greater wisdom are already marvels to me.

I was discussing the Nobull idea with a good friend who had been a high school teacher for many years until his recent retirement. He was emphatic that a good part of my effort be to support the efforts of young people who are making great personal strides toward the spiritual awakening that is so necessary. He made his point by reminding me how much a little encouragement can mean when we are striking out on our own paths. Exactly right. So I’m thanking Brandon to some degree with that advice in mind but also because he gives me reason to hope.

I would suggest that you read his home page…

Another introduction might be to read an essay I particularly like, “Sit Until the World Becomes Still”…

Unknown Welles B Goodrich

New! Vinyl Stickers

My friend Brenda suggested that I have Nobull Peace Prize vinyl stickers made. I thought it was a great idea. I obtained a wonderful result after a bit of research to learn about the different production techniques that make a durable sticker.

I’d be glad to send you one if you are willing to jump through a few hoops. First go to the contact page and decipher the Nobull email address. Then send me an email with Nobull Sticker in the subject bar. I’ll send you back a mailing address in the US. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to that address and I’ll put a sticker in it and mail it back to you the next day.

It will take you a little time and money (stamps & envelopes) to obtain a ‘free’ Nobull Peace Prize vinyl sticker suitable for application to smooth surfaces such as glass or metal. Sorry about that. I’ll gladly stuff one in an envelope you provide but I haven’t the time to do more than that.

The stickers come on a thick paper backing. It took me a bit of patience to start peeling the vinyl sticker off the backing. During application I ended up with a couple of small air bubbles that could have been avoided if I had been a bit more careful. Oh well. Next time…


George Barnard Replies

Dear Welles,
Back in 1996 I beat the many students of my year in psychology, and for my university to see fit to award me a trophy and a big check.  To this day my name is up in gold leaf, and this is how it all happened …
In December of 1987 I was beaten badly at my works.  My neck was broken, my brainstem damaged and not until 1993 did I begin to see clearly who I was and what had happened to me in that mugging.
By 1996, still in a post-traumatic stress disorder, I had gone back to college life to get my brain and mind working again, as it surely had to be my most vital asset.  It was agony, long hours for my damaged grey matter to function again.  Despite the extra exam time allocated just for me, I more than earned my university’s acclaim.
Your Nobull Peace Prize is very much bigger than that.  It is a reward for doing something other than rote learning, and only God will ever know how much of “heart and soul” goes into this each day of our lives.
Thank you, Welles, for appreciating our 11:11 Progress Group efforts.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
George Mathieu Barnard.

Note from Welles: When I received George’s permission to publish his note he added this…

In my mind I share this award with Bill Kelly of Pocatello, Susan Kimsey of San Francisco, Rick Giles of North Idaho, Gerdean O’Dell of Albuquerque, all passed on since we became friends during my 2000 and 2002 trips to the US.
Must not forget Mark Rogers of North Idaho. Mark of course is still alive, still a youngster.


On Giftivism

Givtivism is the word coined by Service Space to describe the practice of radically generous acts that transform the world. It is a philosophy that, when acted upon, shifts our actions from a drive for consumption to discovering the joy of contribution, from individual selfishness to community generosity. As Pavi Mehta says, “What we will do for love will always be far more powerful than what we will do for money.”

I’ve practiced something like this on an individual basis for 45 years. The realization that started my effort was a sudden understanding that a huge amount of our worldly activity is devoted to self-protection. You can fill in all the ways yourself. They range from conspicuous consumption to craft an image designed to hide one’s fears of inadequacy to war at the most pernicious collective level. I wondered, what if each of us tried to look out for one another? What if we didn’t have to look out for ourselves? I figure that the 75% of current human activities are involved in protecting ourselves from our own fears, both real and imagined.

In trying to actually put the idea into practice there were some limitations. One was that at least some of time I felt the need to assure myself of rudimentary physical support. That often necessitated an exchange of labor for money. Even there the philosophy of giving could be applied. I always did the best I could and tried to give a little more effort, do a better job and keep my prices modest. The end result was that almost all my exchanges with people were happily concluded and many turned into friendships.

I learned that the value of money is created in the quality of the effort for which it is exchanged. I can honestly say that I made money more valuable from my use of it. By doing so I understood the difference between inflation and deflation. Deflation comes about by adding more value to exchanges that are reflected in the symbolic exchange of money. Inflation equals greed.

As I look forward at civilization’s evolution it is obvious to me that ownership and profit need to give way to stewardship and giving. Stewardship is merely a reflection of reality. We are temporary citizens of this planet. We must pass it on slightly better than we found it or be indicted by history for our moral failure. Giving is just much simpler than money. You don’t have to keep track. There’s another huge time waster.

In the future there will be no need for money at all. Our scientific knowledge will allow for decentralized and independent systems of energy, manufacturing material needs and food creation. Sound like a dream? We can see intimations of that reality in nano-machines, 3D Printing and other technologies right now. Intellectual advances will diminish the time needed for physical maintenance to only a few hours a day. Spiritual, intellectual and creative pursuits will fill the vacuum created by the reduction of our fear for material security.

I find it amazing that Service Space is living that future in the present.

Welles B Goodrich

Sandra Barnard Replies

Hello over there Welles!

We just had the most wonderful surprise delivered today while we were out.  Imagine coming home to find such a precious and amusing gift for each of us.  Thank you! Thank you many times over.   I don’t know what is going on this week but I feel so inspired… well, inspired as if we (humankind) can do anything, pull it all together and make this world right.  I hope it lasts through the upcoming elections and beyond. ah well… (Oh dear… Now I am hearing in my head, Buzz Lightyear from Toy story and his peppy slogan, “To Infinity and Beyond!”)

Your lovely little badges seem to add their own spark to that bit of happiness I am feeling.  George too. For me, every time I look at it it will remind me that anything is possible and encourage me to keep dreaming and believing sharing and loving.  Not bad, eh? 

Thanks again Welles for all the encouragement you give us along the way and for walking “the path” with us for awhile…hopefully a good long while.

Sandy and George too!

Angel Investor

Donald Paul Grassini
1/18/1940 ~ 9/27/2013

I only got to know Don in the last half a dozen years of his life. We became good friends in that time primarily because of a similarity in our sense of humor and a shared mutual love of fine craftsmanship.

Don was a practical engineer. That meant he was hired to create systems for industrial production. Often his jobs required pipefitting on a grand scale so he facetiously called himself a plumber. He was a hands-on guy who designed and planned but really loved the actual work. Our approaches to creation were very different. He used plans. I just make stuff up and fly by the seat of my pants. We were both fixated on striving for perfection in our own creative efforts.

Our humor was similar; a sharp and somewhat dry wit that is uncomfortable on occasion because of a certain pointedness. We live in the country where helping neighbors is important and builds the bonds of community. Don helped his friends and neighbors constantly but probably would have been uncomfortable with effusive recognition. We just reciprocated in kind. In that way he was a creator of a society with no name. He was a truly good man who was loved by a small group of people that included all of his neighbors.

About six months after Don died I heard a rumor that he had left me a gift in his will. That was a complete surprise. At almost the same time the Nobull Peace Prize logo came to me in one of those 10-watt bursts of inspiration. Hearing of possible funding allowed my imagination to enlarge the idea by visualizing cloisonné badges for a prize. As the logo developed I realized he would have loved the whimsy of artistically embellishing such an awful pun. When I received the gift from his estate and had the funds to create the Nobull Peace Prize, I worked with a factory to turn the original logo into a cloisonné badge. He would have loved the result. They are just so…real!

My favorite expression of their ‘realness’ was uttered by a young woman, who is an amazing musician. She held the prototype and stared at it for quite a while before saying, “I want to laugh at it but it’s just too beautiful.”

Thank you Don for enabling this project in absentia so to speak. You’ve given new meaning to the term Angel Investor.

Welles B Goodrich

November 2014

To inaugurate the Nobull Peace Prize Project I have decided to select six recipients. The first two are notable figures in Service Space, Nipun Mehta and Pavi Mehta. All the members of Service Space deserve my appreciation but I chose those two because I love how they represent the movement whose mission statement is simple.

Change Yourself, Change the World
We believe in the inherent generosity of others and aim to ignite that spirit of service. Through our small collective acts, we hope to transform ourselves and the world.

A brief history of Service Space is here…

A more comprehensive history is here…

The projects of Service Space are here…

Here you can meet Nipun Mehta on the internet…

Pavi Mehta is a marvelous storyteller. She is the co-editor of the DailyGood, the co-founder of Karma Kitchen and more, but to me she is weaves illuminating tapestries of words.

Nipun and Pavi are uplifting the body of humanity by creating organizations of goodness. Thank you!

Next I’ve chosen two people whose discoveries have enhanced my spiritual development by expanding my understanding of the interaction of the physical world and the spiritual. These are wonderful examples of real truth seekers, personifications of the value of science. Although no one else may see the connection, I see the work of these two scientists to be complementary in the context of creating a world of Love.

Barbara L. Fredrickson, PH.D works in the fields of emotions science and relationship science. A synthesis of the two led her to study Love. In this regard she is an academic researcher in the classic objective sense. Her discoveries had personal application and the enlightenment of experience allowed her to give a new definition to the meaning of Love as a subjective scientist. There’s no substitute for personal experience. One of the tremendous values of her work that I see is to provide an avenue for those caught up in their heads to learn the reality of Love in a universal context.

Her latest book, “Love 2.0 ~ How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do and Become” will be of value to anyone interested in building a world of Love. It happens from person to person.

You can learn more about Barbara’s work at her web site that provides links to her latest TEDx Talk, Amazon etc. Do watch her TED Talks!

I’ve written a book review here…

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s forced discovery and the illuminating comprehension on the nature of brain anatomy and function were tremendously valuable to me. She was a 37-year-old Harvard-trained neuroanatomist when she suffered a rare form of a stroke. Her training allowed her a remarkable opportunity to observe the deterioration she suffered. A near miraculous recovery to complete health left her with a profound understanding of how the brain works. The experience and wisdom she gained thereby was chronicled in her book, “My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey.”

Please visit her web site to find out more about her remarkable story and find a link to purchase her book…

Be sure to watch her original TED Talk, “Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight.” It is inspiring!

Dr. Jill ends her talk with this memorable line… “I believe that the more time we spend choosing to run the deep inner peace circuitry of our right hemispheres, the more peace we will project into the world and the more peaceful our planet will be. And I find that an idea worth spreading.”

I’ve chosen Niphun Mehta and Pavi Mehta because to me they are creating a world of love in the body of humanity. Doctors Barbara and Jill seem to me to exemplify that creative process in the realm of the mind. The last two I wish to thank deal with the spirit.

One of the more cosmic aspects of the construction of this new world is a spiritual awakening. An area of importance to all of humanity is the bridge of communication between persons of greater divinity who are acting as teachers and guides and people here on earth who are receiving and sharing these messages. In short the ‘veil’ is thinning between the visible realm and spiritual, so called simply because it is a higher vibration than we can perceive with material senses.

Among all those who are doing this work my favorite is a small group of people anchored by George and Sandra Barnard. The 11:11 Progress Group is about half a dozen people who have learned to achieve inner silence and become receptive to messages from various celestial personalities. While there are quite a number of people who say they are doing similar ‘channeling’, the messages from this small group are the ones that strike my ‘truth-sense’ most powerfully. I’ve gained a huge amount of spiritual uplift from their work.

George’s experiences are recounted three books that I found to be compelling, “The Search for 11:11,” “In the Service of 11:11” and “The Anatomy of the Halfway Realm” (with a fourth book in the works).

However the work that affects my spiritual life on a daily basis are the Progress Group Messages…

You can sign up to receive a new message each weekday morning by using this form…

Sandy is not only George’s partner in the 11:11 Progress Group’s work but specifically she is the anchor around whom a forum exists. Millions of people around the world are seeing 11:11 on clocks and in daily references at frequency that is less than chance might have it. You can learn about the phenomena on their forum.

I’d like to thank these six people for their inspiring work. I’m grateful because I’ve learned so much from each of them.

Unknown Welles B Goodrich