August 2015


OK that is a bit hysterical. This little alert is just to let you know that the Nobull Prizes for August have yet to be awarded. Life has conspired to slow down the process but presented a new avenue to explore. It may be great fun. Lets see what happens.

Three months ago I was given a key and carte blanche usage of a wonderful wood/metal shop. I chose to finish a creation that began in 1975. In the last month I have been completely focused on it, ignoring everything else as the completion approached. Just as a feeling of guilt about ignoring Nobull was descending, a new possibility suddenly appeared. Heh heh. I’m going to leave this message as a tease with the exception of one picture of that nearly finished project that constitutes my excuse. I’ll be adding a blog post today or tomorrow that will catch up on some Odds and Ends.

The Launch Pad ~ ‘A Bed to Die For’

Unknown Welles


This month was a bit different. As I said, I was intensely involved in physical work and only focus on one thing at a time. However the good news is that I have chosen on recipient and am in the midst of an experiment that I believe will be wildly successful. I describe what has been going on behind the scenes and offer an opportunity in the new blog post, Do It Yourself! Meanwhile it seems that only one NPP will be given out this August but we are on track for September.

Cheri Bianchini has provided both emotional and practical support for thousands of people in her lifetime. You know how there are Lifetime Achievement Awards given out by various institutions? Well she deserves one but she only gets a Halflifetime Achievement Award because she isn’t through yet by a long shot.

At one time in her life Cheri was a Nurse Manager at the Stanford Medical Center. She left that vital post for love and the desire to create her own business, The Healthy Way. That effort has helped thousands of people with knowledge and counseling on nutrition and weight loss matters. While information is important I would suggest that Cheri’s indefatigable upbeat enthusiasm is a palpable force that strengthens the resolve of all with whom she comes into contact.

Along the way she has written a column, collected some of her articles in a book, “Good Hearted Guidance, The Healthy Way”, created a yearly fashion show to benefit the Hospice Program and more. Cheri has become involved in the Hospice program where her emotional support and deep understanding of the grief process is immensely valuable.

But that isn’t why Cheri is getting a Nobull Peace Prize. I have a personal reason. You see she is my neighbor and good friend. I’ve been the direct recipient of her support. When I started the languishing project The Next Testament (it will come alive soon, I promise) Cheri was the first to offer a personal story from one of the most difficult times in her life. Without her community involvement in our little rural neighborhood I never would have been able to create The Nobull Peace Prize or The Launch Pad nor would I have been introduced to the Hospice movement.

I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have had her support.

You can meet Cheri here…

… and access many of her articles here…

Unknown Welles B Goodrich