April 2015

This month I’ve chosen to send Nobull Peace Prizes to three of the principal mainstays of Conscious Life News (CLN). The newly created Mission Page informs us that “Our mission, our “raison d’être” is to ELEVATE. Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has identified a phenomenon he calls “elevation” (read his article here). Haidt says it is “elicited by acts of virtue or moral beauty; it causes warm, open feelings in the chest; and it motivates people to behave more virtuously themselves.” That’s exactly the feeling and call to action we want for you and for ourselves.” It goes on to delineate more specifically that general purpose in beautiful terms.

Ross Pittman is the founder and chief editor of CLN. Although he has been a spiritual seeker most of his adult life his day-job was computer engineering and managing. CLN is a creative expression of his practical skills applied to his heart’s goal. Although his skill at interviewing isn’t particularly mentioned you should listen to his interview with Kimberly Carter Gamble. It is wonderful. He introduces her and then steps back to let Kimberly answer fully. You can read a bit more of his bio here.

Vicki Howie is Ross’s partner both in CLN and life. I was introduced to her home site Chakra Boosters and was fascinated by her modern focus on that ancient map of consciousness centers. Learning to feel chakra energies is one of the most direct techniques for spiritual learning. In addition to her editing work Vicki post numerous articles each week on CLN. Here’s a page that lists her latest articles. You can find out a little more about Vicki from her editor’s profile here

Alexis Brooks is recognized by most people as writer, reporter and skilled interviewer of people from the entire range of consciousness uplift in which we find ourselves. Those are the external manifestations. I percieve her real work is pondering the Universe in all its aspects. There are very few people who have as great a breadth of knowledge and familiarity with so many of the different points of view that are represented in our various spiritual journeys. Because of her great knowledge she injects thoughts and questions into her interviews that simplify complex subjects and illuminate obscure points. Her show Conscious Inquiry is the heart of CLN Radio. The interviews are also available as podcasts on iTunes and from her home page where you will also discover her writing and find an in depth personal biography.

I’m very grateful to these creators of Conscious Life News. I experience conscious and spiritual elevation from their work on a regular basis.

Unknown Welles B Goodrich