A Bit of History

The Nobull Peace Prize started as a graphic image with a bit of whimsy. A gift of funds from a friend’s estate allowed me to create a quixotic way of expressing appreciation and gratitude to people who inspire me with their good works.

In 1969 I decided that I wished to build a world of Love. Of course I didn’t know what that meant. It seemed a lonely task until many years later when I discovered via the Internet that there were thousands, no, millions of other people doing similar work. My life is a spiritual journey that was accelerated by learning from all those different points of view. After more than forty years I was able to see that we are indeed creating a world of Love. Each of us is a unique expression of the same objective.

The physical expression of my gratitude is a cloisonné badge of the logo that you see at the top of this page. It is 3” in diameter and created on a 1/8” thick bronze substrate. Some design changes were required to create the final product but the result is remarkably faithful to the original design. Here is a photo of the Nobull Peace Prize that recipients will be sent. My photographic skills didn’t allow me to show that the lettering and bull are actually polished nickel. They act like a mirror.


There is no objectivity in my choice of the recipients. In the beginning of this undertaking I’m choosing people who’s work I found personally valuable. That’s the sole criterion. There is no organization. There are no rules. I’m making it up as I go. It would be good to have other people involved in the selection process so I think any recipient should have the right to add the name of a person they find inspiring to the list of potential recipients. It is possible that in the future a small panel of those who add names could participate in the selection process.

Generally speaking I’m intending to give away three badges a month. The Nobull Peace Prize project’s only goal is to express appreciation and gratitude to some of those who are helping to build a world of Love. I hope it will help in that effort.

Welles B. Goodrich — Chutzpah Galleries & Theoretics Institute